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  1. Description: LEIDOS has an immediate opening for an Electrical Designer reporting to Leidos Engineering Solutions group. The successful candidate will develop designs for power and lighting systems. The candidate needs to be capable of developing basic layouts, one-line diagrams, specifications, schedules, details, notes and associated calculations for commercial and/or industrial projects. In addition, the candidate needs a working knowledge of electrical engineering calculation software packages for lighting level, short circuit, and arc flash, along with a strong AutoCad background. Candidate will need to coordinate with other disciplines affected by design development and ensure completed layouts, drawings and specifications are checked for clarity, completeness, conformity to standards, and procedures. Qualifications: Qualifications: Requirements • Minimum 4 years electrical design engineering experience. • Associate electrical design degree or equivalent. • Experience in Commercial and Industrial facilities. • Computer literacy including MS Word, Excel and Outlook. • Experience with AGI or Visual software required. • Experience with SKM PowerTools or Easy Power required. • Experience with AutoCAD software required. • Experience in Revit or Microstation preferred. • Experience in all phases of design including construction administration. • LEED knowledge preferred. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Demonstrated leadership ability. Leidos Overview:Leidos is an applied solutions company focused on markets that are seeing converging business and technological trends, and address basic, enduring human needs: defense and national security, health and life sciences, and energy, engineering and infrastructure. The Company's approximately 20,000 employees serve customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. Government civil agencies and commercial health and engineering markets. Job Posting: Oct 3, 2013, 11:33:01 AM Primary Location: United States-MO-ST. LOUIS Clearance Level Must Currently Possess: None Clearance Level Must Be Able to Obtain: None Potential for Teleworking: No Travel: None Shift: Day Job Schedule: Full-time
  2. When I sat for my PE in April I asked the proctor for extra pencils and she gave me like 10 of them. It was fantastic! I plant to put a couple in my frame. One problem, the Illinois certificate is 5x6.75"
  3. I can't make it to a Vegas event. My boss would let me attend if it was almost anywhere else.
  4. Just to clarify since I can't edit (boo!): I had many references other than what I listed. There are a lot of posts about this though...
  5. I passed the April 2012 exam in Illinois first try. Sample exams are not allowed during the exam in Illinois. I used a TI36X pro that was intuitive and powerful. I used the NEC 2011 Wildi's book Grainger's book Eaton's consulting application guide (free from the website) helped me understand and answer a couple Get some lighting references. My philosophy was to study my references by working through every all the sample exam problems. I used NCEES practice exam and the Spinup exams. The NEC drill book was good even when I found mistakes, helped me see the differences between the 2011 NEC and older version (but I hated it at the time). I spent my first couple weeks in February just going through that Spinup drill book on the NEC. After that any time a came across a problem I couldn't do or got wrong I didn't move on until I learned it and knew what reference I would need if the test question was different or more in depth.
  6. Illinois PE results on CTS. PASS! boo yeah!
  7. I felt like i just nailed at least 60 of the questions and I know for sure that I missed 2-3. Unless my estimations were wildly off then I should be okay. This was my first time taking the exam and I studying like crazy for three weeks and passively for about 4. I was hoping for more short circuit questions also because of my new found love for MVA mastery as well. Holla stinkycheese! This whole idea of getting the results before memorial day is rocking my world right now. Although I thinks it is ridiculous that the ENGINEERS exam takes 6-8 weeks or longer for the results while the nursing folks get their results immediately. If I pass I am going to fight to change that...
  8. *typed notes in the test* (an edit feature would be nice)
  9. i have had many folks saying "good luck" when they hear that i have the exam tomorrow. my favorite response is "luck favors the prepared" a modification of "In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind." by Louis Pasteur.
  10. Because my exam location is 2 1/2 hours away I have a hotel set up and I'm heading there tonight. No kids, no tv, no crazy distractions. Any thoughts on final prep time? Because I'm in Illinois I cant have typed notes in the class, so my current plan is to go through all the prep exams and put equations down and short notes about pitfalls/ lessons learned into the blanks pages of my NEC handbook. It should be a cathartic time of focus and saying my goodbye to any crutches that I thought I needed and all you non-IL test takers get. Also planning on reviewing a new reference, schaums outline of engineering economics. I was planning on using EC&Ms Electrical Calculations book to cover this topic but Illinois won't allow it. I scooped that up on amazon for $10 shipped earlier this week. So I want to dog-ear the pages with the basic equations on them. If you passed or failed, or failed once then passed the second or third times how did you handle your last night?
  11. It will actually be a good thing to do on the eve of the exam, just calmly reading through every practice exam and write down short notes and equations for each type of questions. I'm putting them in my NEC handbook in the from and the back
  12. I assigned polarity in the classical/conventional method. for a proper voltage loop the equation would be 0 = -Vab + IaA(ZL) + VAB - IbB (ZL)
  13. I'm okay with higher standards to a point. But this language is first vague and second pointless. All I am going to do i write everything I want into the notes pages of the books that I bring in the exam.
  14. I asked Illinois Department of Professional Registration, the conversation is below: Me: I am taking the Electrical PE exam and I am confused about the language regarding the materials allowed during the test. I have many sheets that have typed equations that I am planning on bringing in a three ring binder. Are these allowed? Also I have a printed book called EC&M's Electrical Calculations Handbook and I would like to know if this is allowed. One last item, I have a binder with several different but complete IEEE standards, and publications by various vendors that I would like to bring as well are these allowed? IDPFR: NO. The following is a link directly to the guide for Illinois. NO 3-ring binders (unless that is the ONLY way a book is published). NO notes compiled together and placed into a 3-ring binder (or bound in any fashion). Me: When it states "no unbound notes" that means that bound notes would be allowed. Did I understand that correctly? What about handwriting in pen in the reference books? IDPFR: No notes, bound or unbound are allowed. The following is from the guide: The following references are NOT permitted in the examination room: l Dictionaries; l Material copied from several handbooks and textbooks and bound by/for the candidate; l Loose tables, maps, charts, reference cards, etc.; l Writing tables, unbound tables, or unbound notes; l Manuals that are publications of the Illinois Department of Transportation (commonly referred to as the IDOT Manual); l Books with content directed mainly toward solution of engineering problems or preparation for professional engineering examinations We do not have a policy against handwriting in pen in reference books.
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