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  1. Hi! I found some free practice exam for pe civil. If you know anymore please poste here thanks! http://www.professionalpe.com/PE_CIVIL_sample_questions.php http://pecivilexam.com/New-Pe-exam_org/sample-Questions.html http://www.practicequiz.com/pe-civil-engineering-exam-prep/t
  2. Best review classes for October 2013 EIT Exam

    Hey jesse Every one learns in different ways, and each book has its specific teaching methods. For instance, some people prefer the ppi2pass teaching methods while some others the way Kaplan teaches a subject is better than ppi2pass. Therefore, I believe it is better to call or email them and ask them for a sample video or a free one day session to try each one first and chose the one which offers a method that works for you. Different teaching methods are the reason that students have different opinions about eitexperts or ppi2pass. Personally I took eitexperts extensive review class + 1001 problems ppi2pass and I passed. The course which I purchased was almost 120 hours videos + almost 1400 questions and it was great for me. Almost 8 hours for each part. It was recorded version of the live webinar class which was more convenience for me because I wasn’t worried about the time and I could study, drink coffee, or take a break whenever I wanted. The best thing was some of the questions which were asked by the students during the live class. These questions helped me to better understand the subject. Whether you like the method or not depend on you, so it’s better to try their samples first and then chose one. I hope it helps you.
  3. FE Calculator Opinions

    I like casioa and I have Free video learning for casio fx115es(+) if you want, email me steveworker99@gmail.com
  4. Oct 2013 FE Exam Help Out of School since 1996 Help

    Check also here www.eitexperts.com
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