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  1. Do we have to send any money right now for getting the license? Or we just wait for six months like you are saying?
  2. The PE board has not updated the license database with the new license information as of last night. I checked and it is not updated yet. For those who will not receive their letters today (hopefully you all do), its going to be a long weekend. They will hopefully update the database with new license information on Monday night then. Keeps you hopes high. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!
  3. I took power in afternoon. I had lot of confusion while doing 3 pahse or single phase power questions. I thought I did them all wrong as I got myself twisted in root 3 use it or not...I guess I used the factor correctly....
  4. guess what guys!!!! I DID IT....FIRST TIMER...PE ELECTRICAL....
  5. letter arrived in mail at 12.30PM....not opened fate is still sealed.....will go home and will open it myself....
  6. once again I want to thank all members of this forum for your support and kind words which made us pull through this time of studying/wait/and lots of headaches.... everybody here understands what other are going through...its this pain we all share together.... so I want to thank everybody here before I get my letter today...which could go either way...pass(great) or fail(not so good)..... BEST OF LUCK FOR ALL U THERE INCLUDING ME....
  7. Again guy, are we expecting letters in our mailboxes on saturday or not(In sacramento).
  8. :smileyballs: This is how I feel by looking at u r answers
  9. Is this Saturday is a probable date to receive mail after the board meeting this Thursday of CA PE board? Most of the people at work told me that results letter normally arrive on Saturdays. If I can rememeber right, that also happened when I was waiting for my EIT result letter.
  10. Are we in CA is the only state left where we are waiting for the rsults? Is there any other state out there who has not published there results? Are we the CA be the last state to release results?
  11. This is my thinking too that all letters are ready and placed in envelopes (single page-if PASS and two-three pages if FAILED)and ready to be mailed on Friday morning. I hope to receive them on Saturday. My delivery man is usually late. Sometimes I saw him delivering mail at like 5PM.
  12. I am not sure if I will go there. I am pretty sure they know the anguish we all go through with results being so late. I believe even if we raise the matter there, they may or may not address the issue. Its up to their discretion to discuss the public issue or not.
  13. See attached agenda for July 31st meeting for CA PE board. It is open to public and public can go in and have time to speak to the board members on issue they feel are important to them. Can or will somebody will go there....its right here in Sacramento.
  14. Bigchill...i hear u.....its not the exam which you and me are complaining about...but the process how this exam is being conducted and the frustration of wait period...especially if the whole world knows weather they passed or failed and we are still having funny feelings in our stomach thinking did we passed or failed... But where to start to do this we approach the board or approach the NCEES...
  15. have struck the right cord of thoughts....I haven't thought as well and as deep as you have but it does makes me mad to think that whole world knows their results but us....the scrolling banner up at the top for all who have passed feels insulting right now (not to offend anybody who had passed...I am happy for all of you who had passed...good job)....I don't know if we as a public can attend the board meeting on July 31st....I believe you can...but I am not sure if you just walk in or you need to have invitation from board before you can attend the meeting as public member....I do want to let those guys know that how does it affects the people who they are supposed to represent and whose interest they should protect....I believe that those board members are not aware as how delaying the release of results effects the people emotionally knowing that their results are being withheld for no rhyme or reason..... It is easier said than done to study immediately after you take your exam....I had planned to study also starting may 1st after the exam...never happened so guys know why...until you get your results you have a hope of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.....I am having dreams about going to my mailbox and not able to find my letter.... If we can all email and tell board to have a decency of at least educating us (the prospective licensed engineers...who are desperately trying to work for the industry in this state) as why it takes so long to release the results.....
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