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  1. elliptical machine

    I bought what I thought was a commercial upright exercise bike about 10 years ago. It was a Life Fitness brand which is a popular brand in gyms, and my dad had one for well over a decade at that point with no issues. Well, either their QC went WAY downhill or I ended up with a residential version (although I specifically requested a commercial version from a licensed Life Fitness dealer). I had the tensioner go out on that thing at least 3 times, the frame broke once, and I went through about a bazillion foot straps before I just replaced the pedals with toe-clip pedals from a road bike. The last time the tensioner went out, they told me the bike was out of warranty and it would be $300+ for a new one. I told them where they could shove it, and scrapped that bike. I bought a much cheaper, obviously residential Sole Fitness bike, and I've already had the tensioner go out on it once. But I can buy 3 of these bikes for what I paid for that Life Fitness model.
  2. The Baking Thread

    I had a bread starter going for a few years. Phenomenal bread, but a pain in the ass. I make my own pizza dough on occasion, and it is awesome.
  3. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    You should just put a random circle out next to "no," then don't fill out the rest of the questionnaire.
  4. Online Tailors

    If you're due for a vacation in the near future, I would suggest Hong Kong. There are some seriously skilled tailors in southern China that can take your measurements on Monday, have you come back for a fitting mid-week, and deliver a finished suit by Friday...all for $500 to $1000, depending on what material you choose.
  5. It's Friday!!!!

  6. Flat Earthers

    Various scientific fields can provide proof that the Earth is indeed spherical, but many such proofs require the person requesting the proof to be basically competent in basic math and/or science. For the flat-earther crowd, their "proof" is actually far more simplistic. Just show me the edge of the Earth, and I'll be convinced. In order for the Earth to be flat, there either has to be edges in each direction, or the surface area of the Earth has to be infinite.
  7. Flat Earthers

    Rush Limbaugh literally said that he thought that Hurricane Irma was a hoax perpetrated by the Climate Change crew to try to brainwash the masses. If you can look at the radar and satellite images of a category 5 hurricane bearing down on a state and go through the mental gymnastics necessary to call it a hoax, I think all hope for humanity is lost.
  8. Dumb LinkedIN Recruiter Email of the day thread...

    I was led to believe that D.C. was a swamp in need of draining.
  9. Space storm

    Fucking climate change...
  10. NFL 2017

    Could you inform us on how to appropriately touch a goat?
  11. Random Thoughts Version 2.0

    How do you know she didn't just get a new job? It's this type of assumption that leads to LinkedIn being used as a dating site.
  12. NFL 2017

    I like Aussie Rules Football better.
  13. Total Eclipse of the ?? (Heart) .. no the sun

    We got about 98% totality in Louisville. One guy had approved glasses and shared them with the 4 or 5 of us that were interested in seeing it. At the height of it, it was a weird kind of dark outside. Kinda like dusk, but with the sun at that angle, it didn't look like dusk. Also, 2% of the sun puts out a surprising amount of light. At 98%, I was expecting it to be pretty dark, but it really wasn't.
  14. Stupid Washing Machine

    Maytag is Whirlpool, just more expensive. They are both good, but I'd go with the equivalent Whirlpool model and save money.
  15. North Korea

    I dunno how much truth there is to it, but I was reading earlier today that China issued a statement on the situation. Basically, they said if NK strikes first, they would remain neutral in the conflict. If the US issues a pre-emptive strike on NK, China would declare war on the US. There is an awful lot of rhetoric flying around right now, but China is one of a very few countries that I think the US could legitimately lose a war with. They may not have our technical or tactical expertise, but they can literally throw humans at the problem until it goes away.