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  1. Heh.. I was gonna ask if that nasty shit came with a free butt plug.
  2. I have no idea how many people were in my office today.
  3. I finally just ordered a Switch and Mario Maker 2. The lure of newly designed levels for old Mario games was too strong for me.
  4. The US came out pretty flat against Spain. We were fortunate to get those two PKs...I don't think we would have won that match without them.
  5. Correct. Taking a case to trial is exorbitantly expensive, so most insurance companies would rather settle. Using an expert with a lot of knowledge of a particular failure mode is typically a good way to get a settlement. But Electrolux was so pissed at that particular expert that they told insurance companies they wouldn't settle any claim when he was involved. Electrolux is using staff engineers as their experts and staff attorneys in court, so it doesn't cost them as much to take something to trail as it does the plaintiff.
  6. Consumer Product Safety Commission is supposed to force the manufacturer to issue a recall when a product is unsafe, but for whatever reason, they neglected to do so with the Electrolux dryers. UL finally updated their standards for dryers to specifically address the issue with the dryers, so Electrolux was forced to change their design in about 2013. But by that time, they had produced millions of the faulty ones. I haven't been involved with any Electrolux dryer fires that caused fatalities, but I'm sure there have been injuries. By my estimate, I have looked at the 3rd most fires caused by that specific issue. There was a guy that did a lot of exemplar testing that proved what the actual defect was, and he has looked at over 3,000 of them. Electrolux told insurance companies that if they hired that particular expert, they would take the claim to trial...no exceptions. So they essentially forced him out of the market. There was another expert that was the one that testified at a class-action lawsuit against Electrolux, which they actually settled (of course, without admitting any fault). I just assume he has seen more of them than I have, but he may not have. Insurance companies will always cover the losses, up to what your policy covers. What I deal with is the insurance company suing the manufacturer to recover what they paid on the loss. It's a specific type of lawsuit called subrogation. It's the vast majority of the work that I do.
  7. I've seen over 2,000 Electrolux dryer fires, and those fuckers never recalled the faulty design.
  8. In the older ones (2002-2006), there was a fault in the control board in the top right corner of the door that caught fire (I've seen over 500 of those fires). In newer models (2016?), there is a proprietary power cord attachment in the bottom back right corner of the tub. I've only seen 5 of those fires.
  9. Stainless steel is worth the extra price if you plan on being anywhere near the kitchen while it's running. The plastic tub models are loud as hell. I don't inspect dishwashers, but I know that they all have their issues. FWIW, I have a Bosch that I got free from work (just had to replace the water valve). But Bosch has a bad track record for fire recalls. They all have one of the following four problems: 1. Terrible water valves that either leak through the valve or the armature guide fractures. 2. Leaking door seals. 3. Leaking shaft seal on drain pump. 4. Leaking sump seal.
  10. Thank you for seriously answering my dick joke.
  11. That's not small...that's average size.
  12. Went to a pool party on Saturday. Ran a 40 person golf game for money today.
  13. The standards for toddlers and drunk adults are about the same, so id say shitting outdoors is AOK for at least another year or so.
  14. My company recently hired a metallurgist, and before we hired one, we employed one of two local firms that have multiple metallurgists on staff.
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