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  1. wilheldp_PE

    Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    I am led to believe that once you do that, you'll never go back.
  2. wilheldp_PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    You know what juicer and bigger than a raisin? A grape. And they taste infinitely better than raisins.
  3. wilheldp_PE

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I've read up on it a little bit, and there was some pretty damning stuff left out of Making a Murderer. There were sweat stains on the Rav4 hood latch and battery cable that matches Avery's DNA. There were also a series of phone calls from Avery's home phone to Halbach's cell phone with 2 using *67 to mask the caller's number before the murder, and one without using *67 after the murder to establish an alibi that Halbach never showed up to take the pictures of the van. I got the sense even while I was watching the documentary that it was horribly one-sided and leaving out some pertinent details. I'm not 100% convinced Avery didn't do it, but it was still some exceptionally shoddy police work. Dassey on the other hand should never have even been taken to trial over his confession, much less convicted. There was 0 physical evidence placing him at the scene of the crime, and I don't see how any juror watched the tapes of the investigators telling Brendan what to say and concluded that his confession was valid.
  4. wilheldp_PE

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    That may have led them to pick up the series, but I doubt that they had anything to do with the way the documentary was produced. It was filmed and produced over a 10 year period starting shortly after Avery was arrested for the murder. I don't think Netflix commissioned the series...they just bought it when it was done.
  5. wilheldp_PE

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    I finally got around to watching Making a Murderer. A friend had recommended it when it first came out (2015), but I didn't have a Netflix subscription. I just signed up for my free month on Netflix, and it was the first thing I watched. The whole thing is really messed up, but the material is definitely presented in a way to make you sympathize with the Avery's and hate the prosecutor and sheriff's department. The thing that struck me the most, though, was something completely unrelated to the rape and murder cases. I had just re-watched Idiocracy the night before I started watching Making a Murderer. The main point in Idiocracy is how intelligent people tend to be more conservative when it comes to having children, but less intelligent people breed like rabbits. The opening episode of Making a Murderer talks about how Steven Avery has an IQ in the low 70's, then goes on to talk about how he had 5 kids with his first wife by the time he was convicted of the first rape (at 23 years old).
  6. wilheldp_PE

    Countdown to Star Wars

    I still haven't seen The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi. I did see Rogue One in the theater because a bunch of family members wanted to last Christmas. After the meathook abortion that was Episodes 1-3, I decided that I wouldn't pay to see any new Star Wars movies in theaters. I'm going to wait until Episode 9 comes out for rental and binge watch the new trilogy. I'm really in no hurry. I enjoyed Episodes 4-6, but I never really got into the Star Wars hype.
  7. My dad's deal with my sister and I consisted of paying for our undergraduate education and our first car. He would only pay for 4 years of college, and after that, he expected us to take care of ourselves. It seemed to work out pretty well for him. He ended up with an attorney and an engineer that are self-sufficient. The only time that either of us spent any time at home after graduation was when I was on a 3 month stretch of unemployment after being laid off a couple years after graduation. I had an apartment near Cincy, but I was job hunting in Louisville, so I spent a month or so at my parent's house. As soon as I got a job, I rented an apartment and moved out nearly immediately.
  8. wilheldp_PE

    Home brew Beer

    Force carbonation in a corney keg is the way to go.
  9. wilheldp_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    Wait a sec...are you talking about Concorde (i.e., supersonic passenger jet) or Concordia (i.e., cruise ship that sank in Italy)?
  10. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    I bought an Ooma. $80 worth of equipment, $20 one-time fee to transfer my number, and ~$3/month in mandatory Federal fees. Helluva lot cheaper than what I was paying for a landline from my cable provider.
  11. wilheldp_PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Absolutely. Whoever thought to put the senior citizen of fruit in a dessert needs to be tarred and feathered.
  12. wilheldp_PE

    The 2018 Garden Thread

    I wanna grow some herb too, but alas, it's not legal in Kentucky yet.
  13. wilheldp_PE

    Laurel or Yanny?

    I watched a pretty neat explanation of this phenomenon on YouTube yesterday. Apparently, the original recording was saying Laurel, but high frequency artifacts were layered over the original recording such that some people hear Yanny. There is even someone that has pitch-shifted a recording of himself saying Laurel, and the higher the shift, the more it sounds like Yanny.
  14. wilheldp_PE


    ...Monty Python's Flying Circus?
  15. wilheldp_PE

    Laurel or Yanny?

    Heard it as Laurel on my iPad this morning, and just heard it as Yanny on my work computer just now. it's an interesting audio anomaly, but a colossally stupid thing to argue about.