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  1. wilheldp_PE

    Christmas gifts /

    Wine/bourbon barrel stave candle holder?
  2. wilheldp_PE

    Flat Earthers

    I've watched several videos on that $100k challenge. A pilot and YouTuber named Wolvie6020 has completed the challenge 3 different times, and the flat-earther challenger changed the rules each time the challenge was completed. First Wolvie proved the route using digital charts on the iPad he actually uses in the cockpit of his plane. Flat-earther says that the challenge must be completed on a specific brand of digital chart. Wolvie completes the challenge on the requested digital chart. Flat-earther says that the challenge must be completed with paper charts, and adds requirement that the route must incorporate destinations "that you can actually fly to." Wolvie had been using the north pole for simplicity sake...you could just go 5000 miles down a line of longitude, go 5000 miles around a line of latitude, then go 5000 miles up another line of longitude. Both Wolvie and another YouTuber named MC Toon have now completed the challenge using paper charts cut-and-pasted together showing a route between non-North Pole locations. MC Toon went a step further and actually taped the charts to a hemisphere made out of PVC to show that the route lays flat when wrapped around a sphere and doesn't work on a flat plane. I can only suppose that the next new requirement will be for Wolvie to actually take this idiot up in a plane and fly the route. Even then, the flat-earther will probably just claim that the airplane's instruments have been hacked by NASA to make it appear to be flying around a sphere.
  3. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    Whether or not a computer will boot from a USB drive or external device is related directly to the BIOS on the motherboard. If you don't see the option in the BIOS screen, it won't do it...at least without a firmware update.
  4. wilheldp_PE

    The Baking Thread

    How is that even possible? What, specifically, are you allergic to? Pork, salt, or maple syrup?
  5. wilheldp_PE

    The Baking Thread

    That you're a "baker"?
  6. wilheldp_PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    If the trainer puts on weight, do they starve the baby giraffe?
  7. wilheldp_PE

    The Automotive Thread

    That's one good thing about Kentucky. There is a state law that insurance companies have to pay 100% of a windshield repair/replacement, and they cannot count it against the customer (i.e., raise rates, drop the customer, etc.). It's considered a safety/visibility issue to drive around with a cracked windshield, so our legislature did something productive about it.
  8. wilheldp_PE

    How to tell your job is toxic

    We just hired a metallurgist at my office. It is probably too niche to be anything other than a specialty in an ME program, but they are particularly useful individuals when it comes to investigating failures.
  9. wilheldp_PE

    If you need a new headache...

    I read the Wikipedia article and I'm no closer to comprehending what its trying to say than I would be if it were written in Swahili. Not only do I not understand what a tree is in this context, but I have no idea what reverse mathematics or ATR is (after reading their Wiki articles).
  10. wilheldp_PE

    The Running Thread

    There's a wicked steep hill by my house (I only average about 7 mph going up it) that I once hit 40 mph going down. It was pretty effin' scary. I haven't reset the max speed on my trip computer since that ride (probably 5 years ago).
  11. wilheldp_PE

    EB Cycling Club

    I have wrecked twice with clipless pedals (neither were very serious), and my shoes unclipped without me thinking about them both times. I think the act of wrecking makes your feet turn enough to unclip without you having to consciously do it. Glad you made it through (relatively) unscathed.
  12. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    Just got my new TV up and running, and holy shit. Right off the bat, the thing you notice the most is the striking blacks. After having looked at grayish, washed-out black on TV for so long, this thing is insane. The first thing that popped up after the initial configuration was the local news. The weather guy was wearing a black suit, and it looked like he was wearing a black hole. The complete absence of light. The sound isn't nearly as good as my old Samsung. Definitely going to have to get a sound bar (my home theater setup is in the basement with my projector). I don't need great sound on this TV, but the sound on this TV is pretty bad.
  13. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    I got a pretty good deal on one from Amazon, so I have the 65" C8 being delivered on Wednesday. The deal I got was basically MSRP, but it included a mount, a few HDMI cables, and some other junk that I probably won't use. But when I went to checkout, there was a 15% discount on the whole package (so I saved nearly $450). I offset some of the cost with Amazon gift cards and the rewards balance on my credit card. Then I put the rest on that card, so I'll get another 5% back in gift cards. All told, I'm probably in for the cost of a top-of-the-line LCD.
  14. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    The only place I've seen one in person is at Sam's Club, and it's too bright in there to get a feel for how anything looks. I may pull the trigger on one. Been thinking about it for 2 years now.
  15. wilheldp_PE

    What does the Fox say?

    Do you have an OLED? I really want one of the LG 65" ones, but is it really worth 3x the price of a nice 65" LED backlit LCD?