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  1. My company recently hired a metallurgist, and before we hired one, we employed one of two local firms that have multiple metallurgists on staff.
  2. LOL...Is that a carryover from when Ble (I think) kept writing time with a hy all the time?
  3. Dunno. I'm sure he's in a glamorous profession now, like hand model or garbage man. I think he has said what he does now in other threads, but I really don't care enough to look it up.
  4. For the newbies, Exengineer is no longer an engineer, and periodically needs to come to this engineering forum to tell us that engineering is a stupid profession. Not sure what kind of kinky sexual thrill he gets out of it, but it must do something for him.
  5. I'm Jelly. I've always been a dork, but my parents were some of the people caught up in the "D&D = Devil Worship" craze of the early 90's. The closest I got was playing Magic TG in high school. One of my college buddies was heavily involved in D&D and Pathfinder. Apparently he was a co-author on a book laying out a space-themed Pathfinder book that Pathfinder actually compensated the authors for...shortly before they released the official Starfinder rules.
  6. I've never thought that at all. I found craps to be an intimidating game to get into, so I would often just stand and watch the table when I got done playing BJ. On multiple occasions, the croupiers would go out of their way to explain the bets and the action to me during rolls, especially if the table wasn't overly busy. They are a large part of the reason I play craps now.
  7. A buddy of mine grows peppers and tomatoes every year, and usually gives me a couple of "salsa kits" throughout the year. He grew some reapers last year. I put 1 pepper, seeded, in a whole batch of salsa and it was too hot to eat. WTF do you do with 2 plants worth of reapers?
  8. Doesn't your money get wet? Last time I played Craps in downtown Vegas, some asshat and his buddies were playing the Don't Pass Bar. I hate those people.
  9. I tried to do that last year since my tax assessment increased above the LTV threshold to get rid of PMI. I was told that since I have an FHA loan, you have to get to 80% loan to original value of the loan before PMI is stopped. But that will be this year, so I didn't lose out on much PMI money.
  10. It's hilarious that this is even a scandal. Billionaires and politicians have been pulling strings to getting their dumbass kids into Ivy League schools for decades.
  11. My diabetic cat was always cool with the subcutaneous fluids i guess he was just used to being stuck with the insulin needle.
  12. I have a couple of restaurant suggestions... Battista's Hole in the Wall - It's a little Italian restaurant, one block east of the strip, directly behind the Flamingo. The menus are painted on the wall, and pretty much just consist of entrees. Every entree includes soup or salad, all the table wine you can drink (red and white), and a cappuccino for desert. Probable the cheapest sit-down meal you can get near the strip and the food is fantastic. Triple George Grill - Surf & Turf restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas. I had the New York Strip at Joe's in the Caesar's Forum Shops and at Triple George. My meal at Joe's cost about $150 and my meal at Triple George cost about $80. The steak at Triple George was a better cut of meat and cooked better than at Joes. Everybody at my table was raving about how good the food was.
  13. That's the solution that I reached, too, before going back and reading the question. You are supposed to choose the solution that DOESN'T work, not the one that does. I think that all but one of the answers works if you rotate your perspective.
  14. Reading comprehension is a bitch. I was trying to figure out which top view was the correct one, but the puzzle description says which top view cannot be correct. I was about to post something about there not being enough information to solve it because you aren't told which side of the top view is the front and which is the side. That makes this harder than I'm willing to solve.
  15. I did some wiring last night, and it took more cussing than I budgeted for. I got a couple of new receptacles wired up with one of them being switched. I took some continuity measurements before turning the breaker back on, and kept finding 40 ohms between hot and neutral. I was convinced that I had damaged a piece of Romex somewhere by pulling or hitting it while installing things. After not being able to find any obvious damage to the wiring, I finally decided to try unplugging everything attached to that circuit. Turns out I had a bunch of wall warts plugged into a power strip on this circuit. They have been sitting there burning 360 watts continuously for god knows how long.
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