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  1. I registered EET (now AEI) and passed the SE exam on October 2018, it is worth, I highly recommend it with Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Zayati.
  2. Take AEI they will provide you the best handout to pass the S.E. exam.
  3. I highly recommend them, I took the lateral S.E. and passed with them, also I'm using their lectures for my work, from my experience, Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati are a very helpful and quick response to all questions.
  4. For me it is an ideal reference to understand the seismic analysis and design of buildings to pass the exams, I passed the S.E. and CA P.E. exams using EET Courses and References, I highly recommend it.
  5. I totally agree with you, I highly recommend EET.
  6. This is a review course, but I think you can order the book, just try with the EET website.
  7. Thank you, I already ordered them and ordered the survey once, happy with both of them.
  8. Thank you vip-eng, for seismic, basically, I'm totally satisfied with EET because of I participated with EET for the S.E. classes and I passed it, so for seismic I still depend on them and I recommend them for others.
  9. Thank you Structural 2552, Sounds Reza workbook very worth, for the seismic, I already ordered the EET seismic practice test package.
  10. Thank you JPMCL for your advices, for the survey, I see most of you guys recommend Reza and EET (so I'm between them), for the seismic, I probably go with EET.
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