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  1. This is a review course, but I think you can order the book, just try with the EET website.
  2. Thank you, I already ordered them and ordered the survey once, happy with both of them.
  3. Thank you vip-eng, for seismic, basically, I'm totally satisfied with EET because of I participated with EET for the S.E. classes and I passed it, so for seismic I still depend on them and I recommend them for others.
  4. Thank you Structural 2552, Sounds Reza workbook very worth, for the seismic, I already ordered the EET seismic practice test package.
  5. Thank you JPMCL for your advices, for the survey, I see most of you guys recommend Reza and EET (so I'm between them), for the seismic, I probably go with EET.
  6. good luck Manimani....
  7. Thank you Maycha for your advices, I hope you can pass the seismic nex time...good luck.
  8. Thank you new_at_this for your advices and Congratulations for your pass.
  9. What about the examination, did you pass? or not try yet?
  10. Hi Everyone, I just got the approval to do the exam, It is scheduled for the 3rd. quarter, any advices for the courses? references? time schedules? for both seismic and survey exams. Thank you for sharing your advices and ideas.
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