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  1. So i just passed my PE Exam in the state of FL in Oct, 2018. I currently work in the Power Industry designing power poles. Back when I graduated from college in 2011 (BS in Civil), the job market was in the tankers and continued till about 2015-16. This whole time i've kept my current job and now became a Project Manger overseeing the office i work in. HOWEVER, i really want to get back into Civil (Specifically in Water or Environmental). Is it to late for me to switch? Since I have a PE will any company want to hire me on as Entry Level? Anyone else in the same situation? PS - I'm willing to take a bit of a pay cut in the beginning, but hope to make some decent money later in my career after i've proven myself. Thanks for the replies in advance!
  2. Thanks Guys!! All That you guys have mentioned is HIGHLY APPRECIATED. I am currently working trying to figure out new ways to improve my networking skills and interview skills by attending workshops. As far as the PE chapter meeting go i'm soon going to look into that. Is it really a good idea to find local engineering firms and go to there office? and wont i look desperate (which can be a bad thing)?
  3. You didn't mention your location and that obviously is a contributing factor. I was in a similar situation when I graduated with my B.S. in electrical engineering. My emphasis was in computers and communications. I live in the mid-west and in my job searches, I quickly learned that a good portion of the jobs that were offered in my area were geared toward power, controls, and automation. Well the bills continued to roll in so I broadened my search to include pretty much anything I could find just to start bringing down a paycheck. I tried applying at Best Buy and the like but they knew I would only be short-term with my qualifications and engineering degree. So no go there. On the other hand, applying for actual engineering positions showed that I was under-qualified as most companies seeking these positions were looking for people with 3-5 years experience. Finally I found a position with a fairly large terminal block and small electronics corporation. It wasn't ideal as I took a position with inside sales. But it was a job and a steady paycheck with decent benefits. And since this company was geared toward electrical products and had electrical engineers in-house, I figured it was a foot in the door. Time went on and I began filling in for engineering technical support and showing what I knew with my degree. This particular position also really taught me how to interface with customers and developed some very useful telecommunication skills. Behind the scenes, however, I continued to post my resume online with various head-hunters and employment websites. It was about a year and I was contacted by a technical staffing agency about a controls engineer position. I interviewed and eventually accepted the position. And so began my engineering career and experience track record. I'm not sure if this helps you but hopefully it will give you some perspective if you decide to pursue finding a job as opposed to going back to school. Don't be afraid to try something as you never know where it may lead. Even if it's not your "ideal" position. Good luck in your decision. Thanks for the advice!... Btw, I live in Central Flordia and the construction industry here has been pretty shaky, however I KNOW there are jobs here but I'm not even getting a call back even though i have been applying almost everyday.
  4. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I been looking around this forum for quite some time now and found it to be quite helpful for ANY engineering need. And that is why I'm here writing this for anyone to listen. I graduated with a B.S.E in civil engineering in Aug 2011 and also passed the FE exam But have no Engineering experience (GPA of 3.0). It's been 5 months and I only had 1 interview. I'm going on 5 months and it really feel like I'm getting no where. Should I consider getting a Masters Degree or continue to look for a job? and can anyone give any advice on what he/she did to land a job or what he/she would do with my circumstances? Thanks for you help in advance!
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