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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, been swamped lately and haven't been a very good EB member....hopefully the merry-go-round slows down before it throws me off!
  2. Isn't there an online registration lookup that will show that you are registered as a PE and it should also have your registration number. Missouri issues a renewable registration certificate and also a decorative certificate for your wall that you get in a ceremony a few months later. I know I could lookup my info online for a few weeks before I received the regular registration in the mail.
  3. I wouldn't fret too much about the change on your dashboard, it's likely that it just means they've released the scores to the states and now you can start the registration process for the next test because it's no longer on hold pending results. it's not an indication of pass/fail, just that the scores have been released to be approved by the state board. Results will likely be out soon! Best of Luck to all of you!
  4. You might check the CA Professional Registration lookup and see if your name is there. Every state is different and some list the EIT certification, some don't.
  5. In my honest opinion, the PE test isn't based on practical experience, but rather one that tests your ability to locate and utilize information from your library of textbooks and material in a quick and efficient manner. With this being said, the amount of available material and practice tests for the electronics exam are not readily accessible. You'll find the power exam resources and practice material are more plentiful as Shipwreck mentioned above, but also the threads on this site answer many of the difficult practice questions and give great advice on what resources to take to the test. I really believe until the electronics exam gets more available resources, it's gonna be a straight up crap shoot. Good luck on the test, no matter what you decide to test on!
  6. I'd be careful of asking for "a-mands" nuts in the San Fran area...just sayin!
  7. If you're busy hitting the F5 refresh key on your NCEES account, like a good engineer! You can usually get your result before you get your email stating that you have results available. It's an extremely nerve racking day or couple of days if your state doesn't release on day 1. It's well worth it if you pass, not as much fun if you don't but it's why many of us stick around, answer questions, cause havoc, ect...you never get over the anticipation of the results! Best of Luck
  8. Sunny, it depends on the state...usually Texas is early as far as states go, but if you watch the map board on the forums for April 2015, it will update what states have released (big shout out to SnoBum!, he updates the maps usually)
  9. @ sunny to answer your question...PCS is a company that is hired by some of the states to handle the professional registration process. I'm not sure exactly what they do besides slow the process down for those states, as NCEES handles pretty much everything. PCS SUCKS refers to their slowing of the process for those examines that have to wait extra time to get results while they(PCS) act as a middleman...Don't take these guys too seriously, we all had to wait out this hell of a process and they're just getting a little fun at others expense, you'll get to do that some day too!
  10. There are states that allow you to take the PE exam before you gain your experience, but you will not get your PE registration until all requirements are met. You can look over each state's requirements and pick one that may allow you to sit for the exam. This still will not make you a PE, but if you can demonstrate that you can take and pass the exam, it may make you desirable for a company looking for a new engineer. Best of luck!
  11. Well, best of luck tomorrow for you test takers!
  12. Also, if you haven't heard it elsewhere...layered clothing, that you can add to or remove as needed, ear plugs, extra calculator, batteries, butt pad, ect...some of the facilities are pretty rough, which I find disappointing considering the cost of the test and the importance of it.
  13. I'm not sure if I'm a Jedi, but at this point serious study will be pretty useless, too many nerves and emotions to take in any more information. Take tonight off, relax as much as you can, maybe have a cold beverage. Tomorrow night, go thru your references and make sure they are all packed and ready for Friday, however you are taking them into the exam. I'm not sure if you are staying at the exam location, but I highly recommend either staying there or somewhere very close by. A traffic jam 5 miles from the test site, even if it doesn't make you late will likely add stress to an already stressful day. Go pick out a couple of bottles of water and some snack food, trail mix, ect that you can munch on during the test. You may not think you'll eat during, but having a little something in your tummy will help keep you sharp. You'll likely be nervous the morning of, but don't sweat it, you've prepared and studied, so just go do what you've prepped for. If you normally eat breakfast, don't get off your routine, but if you don't, go try and eat something, maybe just some juice and a bagel, either way it's a long 4 hours.
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