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  1. 24 and 3 months when I found out I passed in Dec 2011
  2. Why would you enter yourself in the drawing if you're already a PE? Don't you think it's better if the winner is someone who's actually studying for the exam??
  3. I finally received my wall certificate in the mail today. Seems like everyone else got theirs 2 months ago. Not sure what took CA so long...
  4. You need 12 months of experience by the final filing date, which is May 1st for the Oct 2012 exam. Experience gained after the filing date does not count towards the necessary 12 months of experience.
  5. Everyone is different. I passed surveying on the first try using only the 2 references you mentioned. I never had any previous surveying experience and my university did not offer a surveying course. Time management is the most important thing during the exam.
  6. A few weeks ago the mobile version of this site became illegible...any idea why?
  7. Still waiting on my full size certificate...I called the board last week and they said it was issued on the 21st and I should expect it within 2 weeks. She had no idea why there was a delay on mine!
  8. I'm going to have to disagree with both of you guys. The AM questions (for Civil, anyway) are grouped by subject just like the NCEES practice test.
  9. Didnt get my certificate here in LA today. Anyone else still waiting?
  10. I dislike pre-inked stamps in general because it's usually a pain to find a replacement cartridge when the ink runs dry so I'm getting a regular stamp. But I work for the government so I won't be using my stamp anytime soon. The pre-inked would probably be more useful if I stamped drawings often. I have a coworker who bought the self-inking stamp from and it looks and works great. I'm considering getting that and possibly a regular rubber stamp too...just to have one. Shipping is essentially the same price whether you buy 1 or 2 stamps (~$6). Is that too crazy?
  11. I passed on my first try using only the Cuomo book and the 120 solved problems book. No previous survey experience or classes in college. A lot of it was just geometry and trig. I also did not think time was an issue. Got through everything and had some spare time to go back to a few problems I wasn't sure about.
  12. Are you guys putting the expiration date on there as "EXP. _________"? Or no expiration date at all? Every one I've seen at work has "EXP. _________"
  13. FE - April 2008 BSCE - May 2009 MSCE - May 2009 PE 8 hour and Surveying - April 2011 Seismic - October 2011 2.5 years out of school. 24 years old.
  14. That is rad. Thanks for sharing young. Are you in N/Central/S Cali? I'm in S Cal and my mail doesn't come until 2-3pm but I'll keep an eye on it. Hmmm.... I thought the fail letters went out first.....? I'm in SoCal and I received my pass letter in the mail today. Letter dated the 28th and mailed on the 29th.
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