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  1. That's an interesting tidbit. I am going through that process as well... it is unbearable. Check out my application status. I have been calling, emailing and resubmitting forms to NJ since October (4 months ago at the time of this post). The woman at NJ (Shonnette Messiah) seems completely incompetent. She has responded to some of my emails but has never taken or returned my phone calls. I would love to talk to her to find out what the issue is. How can she submit and resubmit the same form incorrectly 5+ times!?
  2. Update on my NCEES Record chronicles: May 2014: Results released. June-August, 2014: Submit NJ Law exam, get license number, life happens. September 2014: Submit NCEES Records Application. Contact NJ Board to release confirmation that I am licensed in NJ and to send my score to NCEES [side rant - why does NCEES need NJ to confirm my score!?] October-December, 2014: NCEES Records has NJ items listed as "verification(s) not yet received". NCEES Records Instructions: "Emailed NJ for corrected verification. 11/3/14 & 12/2/14" I call, email and re-snail mail the forms to NJ. I receive the following email from the NJ Board: "Our records show that on 10/21/14 & 12/22/14, we sent verification reports to NCEES at their Clemson, SC address on both occasions, as you requested from the mailed correspondence we received from you on 10/17/14 and from the email you sent to our office dated 12/17/14. We also received your email regarding the same subject on 1/5/15. I will send the verifications again, this third time around. Please advise if you require further assistance." So it appears NCEES is the issue, not NJ!! January 2015: I forward this email to NCEES Records and I receive this email: "As of Friday’s mail this has not been received; we emailed NJ on 11/3 and 12/2 for a corrected verification; you can check your application status later this week to see if it comes in the postal mail." I am doomed to F5 NCEES again! Today NCEES Records Instructions: "Verification rec'd from NJ still incorrect; emailed again on 1/13/15" So full of rage. My previous conclusion that NCEES is to blame and not NJ has been debunked!
  3. Congrats on passing.However, if you got 35 or so in both sections with a high level of confidence, I would feel comfortable in saying you could have guessed z's and alpha's as answers and still passed. Agreed. Also, on an unrelated note, the title of this thread reminds me of this:
  4. I have also heard this from an instructor from a review course I took. Not saying that it is true or that this knowledge cemented my passing score, but when I banged out the 35-or-so questions that I felt confident about, and saw I did not have man C's, for the questions where I resorted to guessing, I went with C... and I passed. And, VTmePE07, you have taken the criticism and jabs with kindness and grace.
  5. My response to this thread: I did pass second time around (prayed a lot more second time) I took the Mechanical M&M
  6. I was packing for a field trip so I was away from F5ing, I randomly pulled out my phone and refreshed the NCEES site (or was it PCS?) and saw that I passed. I thrust both fist in the air and held my chin high for about 30 seconds, luckily I was away from my coworkers packing at the time so no one saw. I took a screen shot, just in case there was a glitch in the space time continuum, I texted my fiancee (who reportedly squealed in the middle of her lunch in the teachers lounge), then I requested new business cards in ear shot of my boss to avoid an awkward convo of asking for a raise that had been hinted at... "Huh? Oh yeah, just getting new business cards, passed the PE, no big deal" I know refresh this board in anticipation of my two coworkers waiting on results, the cycle continues
  7. I am going through the NCEES Record right now as well, very painful/slow. Luckily I was originally licensed in NJ
  8. So theoretically if I ordered GExxxxx00 should I reorder a new one, or just let it be as is?
  9. Got my wall cert yesterday... slightly bent despite 'do not bend' label, meh gonna live with it
  10. I heard that since the test is scantron that they can just scan your answer sheet and you can find out your score and if you passed or failed before you leave the testing center
  11. Always entertaining: http://www.reddit.com/r/osha
  12. I hope so. I just got my license in the mail last week (I was late with the NJ Law exam) and at the bottom of the memo it cryptically reads: "Your wall certificate will be issues at a later date."
  13. Sent in my NJ Law exam and the activation from about 3 weeks ago (made copies of everything, sent FedEx with tracking number, required signature). It arrived and was process without incident and as of last Monday I officially have an NJ PE license number and should be getting the cert in the mail this week. Phew
  14. It finally came in!! My licensure activation form and the NJ law exam!! (internet sarcasm)
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