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  1. I got my wall certificate Monday, and it is up on my wall today......
  2. I agree with all of the above. The most important thing is being comfortable with your references, so working the harder problems in Goswami, CERM, and 6 Min Solutions is helpful in that regard. I worked through those first, and then about three weeks before the exam I worked the NCEES practice exam and did very well on it. BIG confidence booster.... but like it was mentioned previously it is much better to over study, because then you are well prepared. The first time I took the exam in October 2011, I was not famaliar with my references and was not as prepapred as I should have been, and my score reflected it. Good luck study hard and use this board as a study tool as well because there are tons of people that can offer help on questions or advice. good luck
  3. also this was at the bottom of the results notice from NCEES...... If you were originally approved by the Virginia APELSCIDLA Board to take the exam, your license will be automatically issued. Please allow at least two (2) months before expecting to receive your license and frame-able wall certificate in the mail. Please do not call the board staff to check the status of your issued license until at least two (2) months have passed, as calling will slow the issuance process. However, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact the board staff at any time.
  4. i think that we are supposed to receive full size certificates, and maybe the letter comes then. Everyone else in my office has a nice 8 1/2" x 11" certificate to I assume we should receive that soon.... I hope....
  5. you got a letter? I just got my certificate yesterday.. I was kind of hoping to get a letter saying what my score was, since others on here mentioned they had receive their score. Regardless.. I passed and now that everything is official I will be presenting my case for a promotion.......
  6. Hopefully, theyll post it today, in the fall (Oct 2011) it took about 1 week after results were released....
  7. My company reimbursed me for registration fees, study material, and paid for my ASCE review course..... Once I get my paper work from Virginia DPOR I will get a promotion......
  8. http://www.dpor.virg...FTOKEN=45805769 I know of the website, but I am not sure how to query for the total number of registered PE's
  9. how you find the number of PE's registered on the DPOR site?
  10. If you want my opinion, you need to focus more on your weaknesses in the morning section. If you got 27 in the afternoon, that means you only got 26 in the morning. Generally speaking, the morning questions are much easier than afternoon questions. Even for the areas that are not within your specialty in the morning, your study time should serve you well. I can't speak from experience though as I took the Civil-Structural last April and passed on the first try. I did, however, take the official NCEES study guide and used it as a practice test without even looking at it prior. I sat down, set a time for four hours, and did the morning section. Then I took a 30-45 min break for lunch, then did the same for the afternoon section. I graded it, and got 36/40 in the morning and 32/40 in the afternoon, and only guessed on probably 5 questions total. Getting a 68/80 on this practice test only 6 days before the actual exam boosted my confidence like you would not believe! I agree, I used my diagnostic as a tool to hone in on what I really needed to improve on and attacked those areas. The morning session to me seemed like the best way to get points because the questions are more general. The afternoon portion of the exam definiately had some tricky questions. I would def focus on the areas you did the worst on, in order to prepare for the October exam... just my two cents
  11. Hi.. I am wondering if you have any recomendations on what reference material to use for the geotech afternoon part. I took the test and I did not pass .. I did an excellent job in the morning, but I did very bad in like 5 topics of the afternoon. The percentages were great in the morning and not too bad In the afternoon but I still did not pass, so maybe next time I can finally answer correctly a couple of more questions and get those extra points I need to actually pass it. I was thinking of changing to other dicipline for october but I am not sure if this is a good idea since I already have spend money and time preparing for geotech What was your impression of the test this time? The first time I took the exam I went the self study method, and I did well on the PM Geotech portion, but horribly in the morning. I took the ASCE Review course to help with the review of the AM topics..... it served as a good refresher...... For the afternoon I have my textbook from college by Das and that was my primary source I was able to get quite a few of the definition questions from there... problem wise I would suggest the 201 Geotechnical Problems solved book..... it works you through step by step and each question builds on the previous one so it engrains that process into your head. It gives you several types of retaining wall problems, and sufficiently covers each topic on the NCEES guideline so that you have a good example for each type of problem. As far as my thoughts on the exam, the pile problem threw me off...... and some of the theory questions seemed ambiquous because I thought there could be more than one "right" answer....... and fortunately for the quanitative problems I had an idea of how to solve each one or a really good example to guide me through the process. I shy away from using books like 6 min solutions as exam day references because I feel like a lot of the problems in there are not representative of the type of problems on the exam. So my recommendation would be get a solid geotechnical textbook that you are comfortable with that cast a wide net so you can look up things that you may not understand...and a really good source of geotech problems that breaks down each problem type into multiple problems so that you get used to the process of solving that type of problem. PM me and I can email you some of the reference stuff that I have saved electronically. Good luck next time!
  12. Congrats autiger95. Do you live in AL? Just wondering since they apparently mailed out the results Wednesday and you just received yours. I'm in VA and have my wife on stakeout for the mailman. If you are VA then you can just log onto NCEES to get the results...... DPOR will not send out the letters and update the website until the middle to end of June per the email I got yesterday
  13. Im in the same boat, I think that Im going to call DPOR to worry them about that today..... cause once I get that in hand the raise and promotion will come with it let us know what they say. I left two messages... no return phone calls.... I sent an email a few minutes ago, I will keep you posted.... This what I got in response to my email inquiry: We have not yet received results from NCEES. Usually those are sent to us and we have them downloaded and Board certified sometime the end of June/first of July. Mrs. Toni H. Spencer Licensing Specialist APELSCIDLA Board **************************************************************************************** 9960 Mayland Dr., Suite 400 Richmond, VA 23233 804-367-8506 866-465-6206 Fax Governmental email is generally subject to disclosure pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. However, if you have received this message in error, please notify the Sender and delete the message as well as all attachments.
  14. wow..... i bet that was a relief!!! congrats on passing
  15. Im in the same boat, I think that Im going to call DPOR to worry them about that today..... cause once I get that in hand the raise and promotion will come with it let us know what they say. I left two messages... no return phone calls.... I sent an email a few minutes ago, I will keep you posted....
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