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  1. I second that, I used Engineer Pro guide and the practice exam questions. It really helps. I do find the engineer pro guide questions take more step to solve it so that's a good thing.
  2. Idk if you plan to take it again or not, but if you are, maybe get the engineer pro guide. At least get the practice exam questions. I find them to be very helpful.
  3. go crap, idk what's going with with my computer, didn't realized i post when I it keeps telling me to wait
  4. What study materials did you use for the exam?
  5. What study materials did you use for the exam?
  6. What study materials did you use for the exam?
  7. What study materials did you use for the exam?
  8. I just found out that I passed. I did a lot of practice problems. The books I used include EngrProGuides (Used most often before and during the test), Graffeo, and Complex Imaginary, and PPI exam practice questions. One thing I find helpful was watching youtube on power topics. I think I spent like 300 hours studying. I recommend EngrProGuides guide and test. The other thing that helps is to practice as many questions as you possibly find. Another thing that I find very helpful is using the calculator efficiency . I have the Casio calculator and it helps me a lot. Every second you save will help. Lastly, it's best to learn to skip questions. For me, the way I did it was, go through each problem and for the ones that I know how to solve, I will solve it, and for the ones I don't, i just skip it and come back later. Since all problems count the same, no point to waste time on the hard one in first pass.
  9. nyeit

    Connecticut Results

    YES, I Passed!!! My F5 key works
  10. nyeit

    Connecticut Results

    Ok, you are not pulling my legs F5!!!
  11. nyeit

    Connecticut Results

    lol, I feel like you are just pulling my legs but I will keep on F5-ing!
  12. nyeit

    Connecticut Results

    In other words, they will be last to release results.. meh!
  13. I am sorry, just remember the test means nothing about your work abilities.
  14. Is it like 5 there? Maybe the drug needs to be stronger. Anyway gl.
  15. Crap... Got my result... from Amazon telling me that my package was shipped.. got scared lol..
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