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  1. failed 44/80 mechanical
  2. Still Nothing and its 3pm, do the results have to be released to the Arizona Board before they are given to us? Or do they come directly from NCEES?
  3. I am currently taking the School of PE online review course for mechanical, 3 weeks in of 5. So far I feel like it is very beneficial in that it gives a lot of structure to my studying. The instructors have all been good so far, and have many helpful hints on how to take the test such as looking for key words in problem statements to look up in the index of the MERM, and general assumptions you can always make for certain types of problems. If you are good at sitting down and reading on your own as well getting tips from the internet, you probably don't need a course. I took the test once and failed because I was definitely unprepared. This course is giving me more confidence and therefore I am working more and more problems instead of getting stuck on one and giving up. To sum up its a good course but a lot of money for something you could do on your own with the right discipline.
  4. I live in the phoenix area and have not been able to find a classroom setting for a mechanical PE review course. I failed the October test and feel like I need more structure when I’m studying. Therefore I have been researching Live online Mechanical PE review courses and seem to have found only these two that are being offered for the spring 2012 test. - School of PE - - Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers (They are offering a spring course and say the info should be up next week sometime) - Has anyone taken either of these and can comment on the positives and negatives? Just as background here are other ones I found and ruled out: - Testmasters-no online option for mechanical - Kaplan – sells CDs no online version - PPI – CDs, classes in CA, no online course - Irvine institute of technology is not offering a spring course - - University of Delaware – Course already started in November
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