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  1. Finally got my # assigned from NY (and they didn't even ask for more $$$$ !!!) I can safely add PE to my email signature.
  2. Doesn't seem like NY has issued any new numbers today
  3. Good Deal............still waiting for mine, but now you can put PE on your signature
  4. Electrical and Electronics: Used the PPI review bundle.........concentrated on going through the book 3 times, taking notes on each chapter then organizing them before the test. Biggest thing was going through all of the review problems, examples, and sample tests (PPI and NCEES, 2 come with the package). Towards the end, I took out a few books from my college's library on Communications, Control Systems, and an overall Electronics handbook. Ended up passing the first time so it must have been enough...........
  5. Passed at 53..............first try. 30 years out of engineering school. Did alot of sales engineering and communications contracting. Now I'm in engineering 100% so I figured I'd take it
  6. Me too Dunya............though I've been out of school 30 years..........I had to put in more time (2 hrs/night) since alot of the math had been out of my brain for decades!
  7. Anyone else take the Electrical and Electronics PE Test? Took it and passed but was curious how others found it.
  8. Anyone from NY get their FE results yet? Or if not, do you know when / how we get them?
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