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  1. April 2008 ME, thermal/fluids. I had planned to study about 200 to 300 hours for the test, but a bunch of things came up that distracted me. By the time I sat for the exam, I only had done about 30 to 40 hours of studying. I felt like my chances to pass were slim, but I worked hard through the whole test, figuring I might as well, since I was there. When I left I felt certain I had not passed because I had run out of time and had to make quick, educated guesses on a bunch of problems. I was shocked two months later to find out I had passed. First and only attempt, thank God.
  2. Last year, they stopped half-way through the alphabet and picked up the next day. I hope this time no one has to spend the evening with their fate still uncertain.
  3. I'll stick to this prediction.
  4. I got an e-mail telling me my license application was approved in June 08, based on passing the April 08 exam. The e-mail came a couple of hours after my name and license number showed up on the SOS board.
  5. Georgia sends out results by e-mail a couple of weeks before they send the regular mail notification. But the first indication of results will be when the license numbers from exam applicants start to appear on the SOS site. In the past, this has happened several hours before e-mails are sent.
  6. The site is probably crippled from the huge number of people camping out on the site, hitting refresh every two minutes.
  7. Yes, all of the people who passed the test in Texas got their results last week. The failure notices come a few weeks later.
  8. I hate to be a balloon popper again, but I rather doubt that the State Board had the test results by the tim of their June 9th meeting. If they had, one of the states where applicants get their results directly would have already gotten their results.
  9. Don't worry, you won't have to wait until someone actually gets their results before they post that they got their results.
  10. Stoicism in the face of torturous suspense shows an inner strength. Complaining in response to torturous suspense shows an inner weakness. Be strong, and you will earn the admiration of others. :bananapowerslide:
  11. I think all it means is that they have an application on record for you.
  12. In Georgia, the timing of distribution of exam scores does not seem to correlate in any way with timing of board meetings. Based on what's been done in the past, I will predict that Georgia will distribute results on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. Or, at least during that week.
  13. Examiminees in the earliest state to report will find out their results on Friday, June 19, 2009.
  14. Based on the time I took (and somehow passed) the exam in April 08, I'd say it's hard to generalize about the length or complexity of problems. Some problems are quick knowledge or look-up questions that will take you about 10 seconds to one minute if you have that knowledge in your head, or have the right reference and know where to look. Some problems are the average 6-minute type problem. And then some problems look simple and familiar at first, but then evolve to become more complex or more lengthy than you thought when you first started it. These problems can suck you into blowing a bunch of time. I recall that there were several of those problems that I just couldn't pull myself away from because I was so familiar how to do them, even though they were time hogs. I'd look at my watch and be shocked to realize I had just blown 15 or 20 minutes on a problem and still wasn't done, but I just couldn't bring myself to drop it because it was familiar materal for me, and I'd already invested too much time to just give up on it. The diverse mix of complexity in problems, and time to solve, makes it hard to pace yourself by watching the clock. After the clock kicked my butt in the morning, I came back in the afternoon and the first thing I did was scan for the low lying fruit - the problems that take a couple of minutes or less. I think that was a good strategy because I was then sure that I didn't give away any of the easy ones for running out of time, by solving the lengthy problems first.
  15. MEPE2B

    OREGON Results?

    However, having a license in Washington will not allow you to practice engineering in Oregon, as far as I am aware. If you want to practice engineering in Oregon, you will be stuck with filling out Oregon's references paperwork, whether you apply as an exam applicant, or as a comity applicant with a Washington license.
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