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  1. You may want to bring ASCE Foundation engineering handbook and an engineering dictionary. Assume you will have the OSHA manual as well.
  2. Glad to be in a "blue" state in the this map.
  3. Agree. I am still getting those in my junk folder.
  4. Come on!! 90% depth questions directly from a binder!! That's like hitting a jackpot. Don'texaggerate, please. I cannot argue much though because I have not seen that EET binder. My opinion, you need at least a couple of reference books to answer some problems. These books develop formulae from scratch, alternative techniques, and discuss different exception cases, which cannot be covered in a class binder. Also, there will always be some questions for which you need to use your own judgement; no book or binder will have it.
  5. At least she spoke in English. She might be a new receptionist, who just sits there and transfer calls. Wish you the best.
  6. freei already has a PE. freei wants to transfer his/her current PE license to NY.
  7. Your state board will have to approve you to re-register. So, wait for the state board to clear you for registering again. In your pass/fail notice, there should be instruction on when to hear back from the state so that you can re-register or get your license.
  8. The Highway Green Book is 942 pages! Of course, you will have to print off peak hrs so that people are not waiting for you.
  9. They should work. You are not alone. There are many PE in the areas of design, research and academia. Since you already have your PE, it should be transferable there unless you have a foreign B.Sc. degree that was not evaluated in the past. I know someone (foreign graduate) who did not take his FE as it was waived while he got his PE in a state. Now he has a project in another state, which is asking him to submit his FE test results. But, he is trying to take a GE exam rather than taking the FE. It depends on state. When you apply for transfer, make sure to detail your experience. If possible have some referees from the state of NY.
  10. Easy math, 40+8 = 48; 48+8=56>55; You will Pass next time. I hope you will pass with a lot higher score next time. But, not take it guaranteed. You will still have to study hard. Start with the topics that you did not do well. Then just review and review the old ones and new ones. You are familiar with the questions, you have the materials, tabs, extra calculator, or book carrying basket or a diaper box (if you have any kid). Believe me, I saw someone carried his books in the exam room in a Huggies diaper box. Anyway, no one can stop you passing next time. Just give your last push!!
  11. NCEES does not know how to draw a bell curve and analyze it They know numbers and how to convert them into percentages. I agree with hjg7715. I do not think they ever raise the pass score above 70%. But, it may go down a few percentages to favor the test takes based on the level of difficulty. I also think they throw out the questions with anomalies (the hardest and the confused one; and the easiest one that might have been compromised).
  12. Like many of you, I got PPI email almost every week after the exam. I even got one the day before the results were released. I have not gotten any after the results were released though. So, all of these email messages don't mean anything (pas or fail). I wonder how they get our contact email. I know a local group in my state got email address of all Civil PE exam candidates. They were offering refresher courses in the weekends. I guess the state board or the NCEES releases contact information of exam candidates or it may be a public record???
  13. Congrats, the golden PE from the golden state.
  14. @Liquefaction: yes I did study hard about your name as it was not that much part of any courses in college. Only thing I knew in college was its definition and how/why it occurs. I wonder why it was not part of any course even though I took several (10 or so) Grotech courses in college. Oh well, knowing a new topic is always good. That's all I can say.
  15. 1. Don't do too much highlighting. Then you will have hard time to find important stuffs. Only highlight keywords that you don't know. 2. Agree with you on six minutes and PPI question bank (cafe). They are too math regorous instead of giving flavor of new concepts. NCEES sample problems are perfect and I wish there were more questions in there. My recommendation, you solve one problem from the NCEES and solve several problems on the same topic from textbooks you used in college. 3. It is better if you can have your own formulae sheet. No single book is complete. So, you will have to accumulate formulae from multiple sources in a single place. What I did was- had the CERM as the base book. Then wrote related formulae or wrote cross references where this topic is located in textbooks. You need text books in each subject. Make sure you bring books in the test center only those you have followed at home. Brining too many unfamiliar references will kill your time and space. 4. I am not a fan of taking any course as I did not take any course. They are too expensive as I would have to out if my own pocket. Further there was no classroom base course in my town. 5. I was not able to follow any routine. Some days I studied the whole day (12 to 15 hrs), the other days I did not study at all. But, I had another advantage. I teach for living and I would solve PE/FE style questions in class. That was a big help. I tried to learn the main concept along with all exception cases. I did my study alone. I wish I had a buddy to consult. 6. Make sure you have your unit conversion sheet handy. 7. If an AM subject is too complex for you, do not spend too much time on that. Focus on your strength and attempt to ace on those. 8. I spent most of my time in preparing the PM subject. My opinion is that the FE level knowledge in the AM subjects is good enough to do well. The PM test will always be harder than the AM, I presume. So, I focused on PM as I was comfortable with basics in the AM portion. Best,
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