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  1. eng01


    Results will be released today! Good Luck everyone!
  2. eng01

    Ohio Results

    Don't worry EB
  3. eng01

    Ohio Results

    Will be live TODAY!
  4. BTW... Results are ready... It's now up to the Boards to release (or their procedures) Good Luck Everyone
  5. Results should be released today (hopefully)
  6. April 2016 exam was 4/15/2016 and Released on 5/19/2016 (34 days quickest EVER!). So all directions and INTEL leads to next week 12/8 or 12/9 which would put it at 41/42 days.
  7. eng01

    Results Next Week?

    In Ohio, once you pass the exam you are required to send in a final registration fee, at which time you would be issued a number and then it will show on the License Lookup.
  8. eng01

    Results Next Week?

    Don't start to look for results until AFTER Thanksgiving. April results were 5 wks after the exam, Good Luck to all the examinees!
  9. eng01

    Ohio Results

    Well it does take a while for Apollo 13 to circle the moon, and for them to get back from lunch apparently.They should release anytime, they have the "ok" as of an hour ago. Keep your fingers crossed.
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