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  1. seismic dead load

    Thank you very much for a quick and definitive response!
  2. There must be a very simple answer but I just cant find a definitive explanation. In a couple of examples I saw when they're calculating the total dead load of the structure they divide the wall up to the parapet by 2. The parapet is not divided by 2. Why is this? 50% for openings? (it doesn't specifically state that in the problem) is this a general rule?
  3. Influence Lines

    I think you should, it's a fairly simple concept and is needed for a lot of analysis questions.
  4. I guess I'll just buy this, I hope it's good. How about a review lucky1?
  5. I was a bit overwhelmed by it too but only because I decided not to spend too much time on it.
  6. typical cut score for structural PE

    The environmental stuff is a big jumbled mess for me. Can anybody recommend something better than the CERM for it?
  7. Fixed beam calculator online

  8. is there bridge stuff on PE?

    What would you recommend for studying the BASIC bridge stuff? I'm talking about spending no more than 4 hours on it.
  9. Structural Depth Reference Manual

    Did you end up getting the Structural Depth Reference Manual? Did it help?
  10. ACI 318 Code Equations Non-Homogeneous => Why?

    I was actually pondering that quote myself as I was always taught to "watch my units"..
  11. Calculator Recommendations

    I got the TI36X-Pro thinking it would at least be comparable to the TI-89 (which is not allowed for the PE) In college I used a TI-89 What a beautiful piece of equipment that was, I strongly believe that I passed all the math and physics courses and the FE because of it. The TI36X-Pro is nothing like it of course. It doesn't solve equations algebraically (you have to plug actual numbers in) The solver has a limit of the amount of characters you can input, which is a problem with some concrete equations. Sometimes if I'm not careful and hitting the buttons quickly it doesn't register certain input which is disastrous in the end, especially since the screen resolution is small and I can't see the entire equation on 1 line to see if I input something wrong.
  12. I'm taking the structural depth in October and a little worried as I MOSTLY do steel at work, a little timber and very little concrete. Masonry I just pick out of a chart that was made here at the office by my boss... Hopefully I can study enough to pass.
  13. bk, I don't think you answered K's original question - lol, but this is still good stuff. I'm always jealous when I hear that people finished in 6 hours and had time to review their work. Not me. On both the FE and PE exams, I was lucky to complete 80-85% of the problems and the last 20% were random bubble fill-ins during the last 5 minutes. Kevin (that's my son's name), you are welcome. You might also consider hunting down the 2007 and the 2001 NCEES sample probs/sols. I know the 01' is pretty dated but some things never change (loads/forces, Q=VA, geometric design, soil classification, etc.). I figure the more problems from the actual exam writers, the better. Best of luck to you! Hi, why did you reference those years specifically? Do they update every year or are those years the 2 previous updates? -Stan
  14. How I passed the PE-exam

    All I know is I would completely burn out if I studied from 9am to 2am.... I'm trying to put in 4-5 hours a day after work and already feel blind, thanks for the inspiration though!
  15. Solved Problems on Civil Engineering topics

    Thanks, seems to be a helpful site overall