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  1. BME in trouble, need advice

    Thanks for the response! At this point in my life, yes I am absolutely considering employability and job prospects as part of the package. I'm sick and tired of being underemployed, unemployed, and staying in fields with worsening prospects. The reason I chose BME is because I not only have a math background, but also one in chemistry. I keep reading about the never ending layoffs in Pharma though and I really don't see where else I could work in BME since my concentration would be in drug delivery and tissue engineering. Pharma is losing tons of work overseas and tissue engineering work remains almost solely a realm within academics (academics is not something I want to do). BMEs in general seem to have awful times finding work from what I've been gathering. I'm feeling as though I made a mistake. I've never struggled with course work before, but am getting crushed right now with the biology. I feel as though I probably should have gone for something that requires more analytical skill since math is my forte. I've been looking at EE and prospects seem to be better than for BMEs. I know that EE requires much more mathematics too, which is maybe something I should have pursued all along. I'm sure I would probably find the work interesting too. I thought about ChemE, but the chemical industry is getting absolutely hammered. So you think ChemE related to petroleum work may be better? Yeah, I thought about being an actuary, but it is definitely not for me. I'd hate to crunch endless hordes of numbers all day behind a desk. Plus, I'm not so sure if it is quite the gravy train it is always made out to be.
  2. BME in trouble, need advice

    Hello, I just started my PhD program in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins and so far I am absolutely struggling. I've only been here 2 months and am already seriously considering dropping out since I am absolutely hating it. I thought I would have liked working in something biologically and medically related, but just can not get past the biology course work. My analytical skills are fine. I was thinking about moving on to Boston University's LEAP program and moving instead to computer or electrical engineering. My undergraduate degree is not in engineering, but rather in mathematics. The other thing that troubles me is the fact that BMEs seem to have trouble finding jobs. Many employers don't consider them engineers or biologists, they're somewhat caught in limbo. Also, I'm starting to become increasingly worried about having to work in a field related to biotech, which is notorious for being unstable. I'm already a non-trad trying to go back to school and retrain for a new profession, so I don't want to waste any more time trying to decide. The only downside to the LEAP programs is that it costs money. Most likely a significant amount while the program I'm in now is free and pays a stipend. On the plus side, however, is the fact that I could leave LEAP in 2 years with a Master's in EE instead of being here for 6 years until I get my degree. Would it make it worth it in this economy? So for you EEs out there, how easy would it be to transition into such a career? What are the job prospects like in the future? Better than BME? Has anyone here done the LEAP program? This is probably the low point in my life, I'm getting old, don't have a job (been laid off multiple times which is why I'm trying to retrain), and now I'm doubting the path I've chosen (which I just started). Could I jump into an EE program almost 8 years removed from my undergrad career (I had very good math grades but probably forgot a good amount of math)?