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  1. Yeah, I am not paying for it. I view it as just something to be able to say ... " yes, our company has specific training in this."
  2. Yeah; I agree with everyone above. In my region SDR-26/35 is green for sanitary mains but the SCH40 laterals are white. There used to be "Blue Max" water lateral piping , but there was a huge national lawsuit over it failing. Our water mains are typically DIP or AWWA-C900 ... laterals type K copper or C901. Are you saying that you have gasketed (SDR26/35) pipe that is blue? or is it a pressure pipe for a grinder pump or water supply line?
  3. Has anyone completed a certification for any of the stormwater inspection programs? I have been thinking about getting one purely for liability and marketing reasons. I oversee and train 30+/- technical folks so i think it would just be one more thing to market our post construction services. here are the ones im looking at: Certified Stormwater Inspector – Construction 5 Year Certification: $824 (Which Includes the Test/Class) Every 5 Years for Recertification: $224 CESSWI – Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector Application Fee: $200 Test: $50 + exam proctor (unknown) Yearly Fee: $90 Qualified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater (QCIS) certificate Course: $639.00 No expiration that I can find. This seems to be geared toward construction site though. Certified Stormwater Manager Course: $245 (Membership) + $ $550 Exam Fee 5 yr certification 5yr renewal fee unknown – not listed I think I am leaning towards CESSWI purely on cost and not needing to attend a multiple day training session. Thoughts?
  4. Mrs. McCheese is awesome; this isnt my first rodeo. I would never have thought that 2.5 years after my divorce that I would be getting remarried ... it feels very surreal.
  5. In my defense; I forgot to make picks this week ... but I did get married. So at least I remembered to do that.
  6. I am starting the season off as the last one ended ...
  7. Shit ... i completely missed this topic. I am in if there is still time Send me the link
  8. Different tree ... but same type. He is still north of the wall. The tree is a weirwood ...
  9. Agreed; they passed the point where it would make sense to introduce her. The Freys are already dead. I think Jon is still going to be "burned" by fire and that is how he discovers he a Stark-garyen.
  10. One way to confirm Jon as a Targaryn could be that he is set on fire and doesnt burn; that would be pretty convincing.
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