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  1. Exam Day

    In MO they let us keep suitcases and whatnot next to our chairs. I put my books in vertically so that I could easily pull whatever reference I needed quickly. Of course at the end of the test, almost every book was laying on the table and scattered about....
  2. Six-minute problems

    I can't speak for WR, but the 6MS Transportation afternoon questions were more difficult than the exam. I'd say that if it takes an average of 4 calculations to get your answer on 6MS, then the test was more like 2 calculations. If you're looking for a realistic example of the test, do the NCEES sample exam. It's spot on.
  3. Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Leftover beer brat, chips, an orange, and a fun size candy bar, which ironically, wasn't all that fun.....
  4. FYI Civil - Transportation. Study Schedule

    Miloc, Those books should be all you need to prepare. I bought the Lindburg sample questions and barely touched it as the 6MS was a good test of knowledge. Personally, I found that doing all 100 problems in 6MS for Transpo prepared me quite well for the test. I started by doing all 100, then went back and studied all of the morning stuff again, then got all 100 Transpo questions for a second time. I wrapped everything up with the NCEES Sample Exam as a confidence booster the week before the test. Good Luck!
  5. How to Gracefully Leave Company

    Capt Worley PE never fails to provide some much needed humor!
  6. NCEES practice exam

    Ditto, several times I thought to myself, I've seen this problem before. Bar none though, the sample exam is a great resource, especially if you do it as your last preparation of studying. It's a super confidence booster if you know your stuff!
  7. Illinois Experience Verification

    Yep, sounds about fitting for IL's usual BS.
  8. Wkipedia and other sites shut down for the day

    You can get around this by using google's cacheing feature. Basically, type anything into google along with the word "wiki". If you hover over the wikipedia results, a double arrow shows up to the right of the search results. Click on the double arrow and a graphic shows up. At the top there is a link that says "Cached". This will give you the most recent cached web page, which is generally fairly recent.
  9. Transportation Section in AM Part of Test

    You will not need the HCM for the morning portion of the exam. The rule of thumb is that if it's in the CERM, it's fair game for the AM portion. If it's not, don't count on it. Regarding vertical and/or horizontal clearances, this would be things like line of sight or a calculation of vertical clearance under a bridge on a sag curve. This is not special stuff, just subtopics of horizontal and vertical curves themselves. Acceleration and deceleration is your basic physics formulas for velocity, time, distance and acceleration. Again, that is all in the CERM. With respect to your last paragraph, yes, you are correct in that you could study forever and still not learn it all. That is where it comes in handy to tab the heck out of your references, and be able to look up information quickly. You don't pass the test from memorization, you pass by being able to find formulas and "plug and chug".
  10. Missouri has a regulation for people who have been registered for less than a year to take 1.25 hours x however many full months they are registered prior to their expiration. My current license will expire on 12/31/12, thus I will need 13.75 hours for mine. You might see if the state statutes provide for this kind of "exemption".
  11. P.E Civil-tranpo depth help please?

    I would make sure you have all of the PM references that NCEES has listed for the test. You won't need anything else except the CERM. I would not be caught dead without the CERM, even if you have a bunch of other stuff. I still have nightmares about getting to the test and not having my CERM. You will definitely need it, and tab it well for the AM portion of the test. I think I had about 80 tabs and printed out a separate index to aid in looking info up quick. Please don't think that a review course is enough to get you a passing score on the test. Work problems, problems, and more problems. If you think you've worked enough problems, do them all again!
  12. Recent Grad that needs advice landing a Job

    You may not like to hear what I have to say here, but the truth isn't pretty, either way you look at it. Like Knight said, alot depends on where you're located, however I know for a fact that the civil sector is relatively stagnant almost everywhere at the time (except perhaps North Dakota and Montana where they have an oil boom going on). IMHO, companies don't want to hire new because of uncertainty about the economy, and almost all government entities are laying off because of lost tax revenue and the realization that all their debt has caught up to them. Most of the civil students that I work with at an area university have been going back for a master's degree. The problem I see with that is that they are just kicking the can down the road. In a couple of years there will just be a plethora of highly educated, low experience engineers. I believe this will drive down starting salaries as companies will be able to pick up these new-hires cheap. My advice is to network as much as you can, and take any job you can get. I've read about companies that will not hire anyone that does not currently have a job as they are viewed as "undesirable". Once you have a job, boom, many companies will think you're more valuable, even though you should be just as valued to begin with. If I was in your situation, I would take any engineering job I could get, then use it as a launching platform.
  13. PE Results-Missouri is up

    Dang, the site is down. Would really like to see if I can add the "P.E." to my email signature this morning!
  14. What color was the pencil?

    I've been contemplating designs for a shadow box of the right proportions to show off my license and pencils (both Red PE and Green EIT). Just waiting on the great state of MO to send me the license for final dimensions....