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  1. Along with a message stating "Food Not Guaranteed to be Edible".
  2. I don't find it misleading at all. It doesn't say anywhere that the drink is included. I'd be more concerned that according to Yelp, the health inspectors shut this place down about a year ago and multiple people have complained of food poisoning (I assume this is the Temecula location).
  3. Sure. We usually don't venture outside of Thailand but this time we might try to check out some of the neighboring areas.
  4. We're hoping to go to Thailand next summer with my parents and ILs. Our 10-year wedding anniversary is also coming up, so maybe Hawaii or Cancun.
  5. LinkedIn Protips

    Nah. I don't want any random Canadian waterfowl to locate me on LinkedIn.
  6. Happy Birthday Ble

    Happy blethday!
  7. Happy Birthday engineergurl!

    Happy birthday EG!!!!
  8. LinkedIn Protips

    Probably the one with the initials YMZ?
  9. LinkedIn Protips

    @leggo PE You found me! Way to stalk!
  10. LinkedIn Protips

    ^ LinkedTinder! That's brilliant!
  11. LinkedIn Protips

    I think I got a lot harder to find ever since I replaced my topless/drunk LinkedIn photos.
  12. LinkedIn Protips

    I'm sorry! I haven't had enough time to try to stalk you to figure out who you are. thejulie was a slam dunk considering her real name is actually thejulie.
  13. Happy National Taco Day!

    Do I want to put my meat into street tacos? I'm concerned about cleanliness.
  14. RIP Tom Petty