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  1. YMZ PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    That was nice of y'all to go back and post bail for her.
  2. For better or for worse, privacy is no longer a given. Glad they apparently caught the guy after the case was cold for so long. I was reading that Patton Oswalt's wife did quite a bit of investigation into this case before she passed away, and DeAngelo's apprehension was in part thanks to her research. What a great legacy she got to leave behind.
  3. YMZ PE

    Worst Tourist Trap in Every State

    Hollywood sucks. How could the North Pole be a disappointment though? (assuming you're equipped with enough beaver apparel)
  4. YMZ PE

    adding a fireplace / woodstove

    That looks fantastic!!
  5. YMZ PE

    Orlando, FL

    It’s a good year to go to Orlando - we’re heading there in June!
  6. YMZ PE

    Testing, testing, is this thing on?

    Welcome back chucktown!
  7. So many questions arise from these articles. First, do a few suggestive texts constitute harassment? Second, can I be reprimanded if my workplace somehow accesses all the nude photos I've sent RG via LinkedIn during my shift?
  8. YMZ PE

    Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness Day

    OMG I'm crying from laughing so hard!!!
  9. YMZ PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Would rather not say. I did eventually manage to track down a former grad student who's now employing her as a consultant, and contacted him on LinkedIn. Hopefully he doesn't ignore my message because he mistakes me for a recruiter, or respond to my message mistaking me for a tart.
  10. YMZ PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    Does anyone know how to track down a particular program's grad students? I've been trying to get a hold of a professor for the last few days without success and now looking for her grad students to help me out. Unfortunately her faculty page has no information on her current research, and my Google stalking has been less than stellar.
  11. YMZ PE

    Charles in Charge

    Remind me to never ask you for a compliment. I think some amount of skepticism is fair with these types of accusations. But whether you believe her story or not, you might want to examine your assumptions about what constitutes consent.
  12. YMZ PE

    NFL 2017

    My favorite Twitter response to this was a photo of a white girl wearing a similar sweatshirt that was altered to read "Coolest Cracker in the Box".
  13. YMZ PE

    Basement 2.0

    The shower and floors look awesome! Though I'm sorry, but that yellow paint is AWFUL. Can you please do your excellent tile work some justice and paint those walls greige? I recommend BM Revere Pewter or SW Repose Gray.
  14. YMZ PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    For realz snick? Do you have a flip phone too?