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  1. ltthao

    FE Results for California?

    What does one have to do with the other? Well in the unfortunate case that I didn't pass, I'd like to know where I need to improve and start preparing for the next exam (which is already open for registration) asap.
  2. ltthao

    FE Results for California?

    The April registration is open, why are the scores not out yet??
  3. ltthao

    So how was it?

    I thought the first part of the exam went fairly well but I wished they would give out a notice at the last hour or the last thirty minutes rather than fifteen. But when I got to the second half of the exam, the Electrical portion for me, I was stumped by most of the questions. I hadn't been expecting the type of questions they had on the second portion and I felt I hadn't prepared well enough for it... Now just waiting for the results.