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  1. After doing some digging there are very limited resources available. I did find the videos through CalGeo, but unfortunately they are dated and limited. I have heard that the depth geotech sections from the CE exams are a reasonable starting point for exam preparation.
  2. It looks like the results will be mailed May 22nd based on previous years-
  3. I am preparing for the California Geotechnical Engineer (GE) examination and have not had much luck finding resources (i.e., sample exams) or recommendations on study materials. Any recommendations or thoughts on how best to prepare? For those that have taken the test - how difficult is the exam? Was the challenge technical expertise or time management on the test?
  4. I am preparing to take the Geotechnical Engineering licensure exam (GE not PE) and have not found any sample exams to take in preparation or what resources are recommended. Can anyone who has taken the exam advise of where I could obtain sample exams or the best way to prepare?
  5. Failed Survey - Exam - Results SOP - Proficient E&S - Proficient FM - Deficient Calc - Deficient DAP - Proficient Looks like I just missed...Uggh - here we go again!
  6. Still waiting on surveying - out of state. No letter yet....
  7. I am out of state and am just waiting for the survey test to get my license. My name was not on the new license list - anyone know if the will upload more (not looking good)?
  8. According to their Facebook posts the results may be released the first week in January; historically, it has been right before the 25th. They have to cross-check licenses from other states and previous results to confirm licensing and it will likely take more time.
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