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  1. Are you a state employee or private sector? 52K a year sounds pretty light for a PE in the private sector. I was hired our of college as an EIT for around that, but was that job was in Maryland. Check out NSPE salary calculator ... that will give you a good gauge on your region and level of experience. Well i looked into it. Boy was that a kick in the pants. It seems a little misleading though in the sense that they have Chicago, Illinois and Michigan lumped together when the cost of living in Chicago is more than it is anywhere in Michigan.. but still. I'm far far underpaid for my qualifications. NSPE considers me a Engineer IV and my company places me as an Engineer III in the 25th percentile for both pay and bonuses. Kind of hard to read that when you're being told that you're so important and a team player. Makes me want to be a little stingier with my weekends.
  2. Okay! We've passed! Now what happens? I see there's a forum for 2011 raises, but lets just assume the economy is better...feel free to copy items 1-5 for yourself! I'd love to see how i fit into this pay scale!! 1) years as an engineer? 6 2) State of employment: Michigan 3) special certs/licenses: PE, stormwater operator by DEQ, soil erosion & sedimentation control by DEQ, Density inspector and technician by MDOT, aggregate technician by MDOT, concrete technician and inspector by MDOT/PCA, Qualified team leader and bridge inspector by FHWA 4) special skills: design, spreadsheet guru, quantity calcs, materials/geotech/construction oversight background prior to employment in the structures and construction unit; Microstation v8 and v8i. 5) Hrly rate and yearly bonuses: $26.40/hr and about $1500 (so now that i have my PE what am i worth????!!!!) It would be really helpful to get input from people familiar with pay rates in Michigan (or in surrounding states with similar economies!)
  3. this was a good read. i'd be curious to know what policy (both written and practiced) in michigan tends towards.
  4. i am also in michigan and i know taht at my office (civil engineering) we use ink only. occassionally we will scan this and introduce it onto a planset... don't really know anyone who has and official electronic one, but i'm looking into it!
  5. LindseyLouWho

    PE suffix?

    great question. i believe my company does PE in the signature on emails but as was pointed out above, if NCEES uses P.E. its good enough for me!
  6. heck yes! Took me four tries (2 in the structural and 2 in transportation) but i finally passed my civil-transportation PE in Michigan! Yes, i'm happy to have it passed and for all the exciting career opportunities it allows (haha) but even more happy that i don't have to study anymore and can start living a live more than 4 months out of the year!!!!
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