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  1. Same here. Maybe they only sent out Seismic results.
  2. @vip-eng What test did you take? Maybe they are sending out seismic first and surveying second.
  3. You are not alone. I have not gotten mine either.
  4. Already past 3:00 PM. I guess Wednesday is go day 🤕
  5. Worst month to take it is the last month of the quarter (higher number of people, but lowest pass rate). Guess in March we are SOL!
  6. @vip-eng Is the EET coarse On-Demand class actually updated to the new January 2018 Test Plan or are they still doing the "DO NOT WATCH - OUTDATED" thing?
  7. I was going to take EET Surveying class, but based on a lot of recommendation its better to avoid it as it is not on to the standard of the Seismic and National Exam classes. So now I have narrowed it down to Kirk Torossian CPESR and Reza Mahallati classes. Does anyone know if CPESR has finally updated there class to the January 2018 Test Plan? I know Reza Mahallati class has updated to the new Test Plan and is actually cheaper at $250 if you take the Dec 2018 On Demand coarse. I believe the only advantage CPESR has is that its a quick class (12 hours vs 28 hours) and CPESR provides 4 CBT's when Reza provides 1 PDF exam. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have been approved for 1st quarter (email recieved Dec. 27), but I am still waiting on the board to send Prometric Authorization code. Anyone still waiting?
  9. I took EET. I would have not passed without them. Samir and his notes are great. 85% of the material is covered in their binders.
  10. Please also note that the "scaled score" is different per exam and exam cycle. See attached image
  11. Texas provides a "scaled score" and it is not your raw score. For example, a 40/80 raw score is a 50%, but the "scaled score" on Texas board might show a 60%. NCEES past president has debunk a lot of the myths with the whole 70% is equal to a raw of 56/80 with this article here:
  12. EET Review coarse all the way!!! Professor Samir was the best!
  13. I have passed or I would post my Transportation scores here. 2nd time taking it. I took EET coarse and highly recommend it to everyone. Please do not get discouraged. Please also post here to find the cut score. I hope people from Texas post here!
  14. Passed! I would highly recommend EET online coarse as without it I do not think I would have passed! Samir and Dr Nazrul are the man!
  15. Is this going to hit 15k. Has it never reached 15k?
  16. If you fail NCEES provides a diagnostic report. You will need to add up your # of correct manually to see your raw score. If you are from Texas see above link, they provide you a "scaled percentage".
  17. I thought you said you passed. This a friends score or does Utah give something I am missing?
  18. Based on the NCEES reports I have got in the past the top 8/9 subjects is for AM portion the remaining for the PM. Note this is for PE Civil. Compare it to the NCEES exam specifications to correctly determine the subjects am/pm.
  19. If you all don't mind posting failing scores here. At least we can find the cut score.
  20. The wait is killing me inside! 😵
  21. For thoses that have passed congrats! For that have failed you will get in the next cycle. Please post your failing score here with the following format: PE Exam taken - score/80 (thoses in Texas post your TXPE % as well) AM/PM breakdown ie Transportation - XX/80 (TXPE XX%) AM/PM Edited with indeterminatein suggestion. I assume Texas will update this shortly:
  22. Hey everyone, I took the 2008 NCEES Practice Exam at the beginning of my studying to asset my weaknesses and strength. I plan on taking the latest NCEES Practice Exam a week prior to my exam. However, I am looking for a copy of the 2011 NCEES Practice Exam to asset how I am doing based on the midpoint of my studying for the PE Transportation Civil Exam. Anyone have a copy? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hello All, I am currently studying for the PE Exam Transportation option. I have the CERM, All-in-one Civil PE Guide and Practice Exam by Goswami, and the NCEES Practice Exam to study. I am planning to complete the NCEES Practice Exam the Saturday before the PE exam to build confidence as this is the best representation on the exam questions itself. In addition, I am also collecting the books per NCEES Transportation Depth, but there are 11 books in total . I have experience using the HCM, AASHTO Greenbook, and MUTCD and my job is allowing me to borrow it to prep for the test. However, it seems people are recommending to take the Roadside Design Guide (RDG) and the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) to the PE exam. Are they really necessary as I am having money issues (new baby in the house) and cannot buy them. Anyone recommend getting them from experience of taking the exam and please let me know if the other 6 reference books will also be necessary. If someone has a PDF version of the RDG and HSM and care to share I greatly appreciate it .
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