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  1. Same here. Maybe they only sent out Seismic results.
  2. @vip-eng What test did you take? Maybe they are sending out seismic first and surveying second.
  3. You are not alone. I have not gotten mine either.
  4. Already past 3:00 PM. I guess Wednesday is go day 🤕
  5. Worst month to take it is the last month of the quarter (higher number of people, but lowest pass rate). Guess in March we are SOL!
  6. @vip-eng Is the EET coarse On-Demand class actually updated to the new January 2018 Test Plan or are they still doing the "DO NOT WATCH - OUTDATED" thing?
  7. I was going to take EET Surveying class, but based on a lot of recommendation its better to avoid it as it is not on to the standard of the Seismic and National Exam classes. So now I have narrowed it down to Kirk Torossian CPESR and Reza Mahallati classes. Does anyone know if CPESR has finally updated there class to the January 2018 Test Plan? I know Reza Mahallati class has updated to the new Test Plan and is actually cheaper at $250 if you take the Dec 2018 On Demand coarse. I believe the only advantage CPESR has is that its a quick class (12 hours vs 28 hours) and CPESR provides 4 CBT's when Reza provides 1 PDF exam. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have been approved for 1st quarter (email recieved Dec. 27), but I am still waiting on the board to send Prometric Authorization code. Anyone still waiting?
  9. I took EET. I would have not passed without them. Samir and his notes are great. 85% of the material is covered in their binders.
  10. Please also note that the "scaled score" is different per exam and exam cycle. See attached image
  11. Texas provides a "scaled score" and it is not your raw score. For example, a 40/80 raw score is a 50%, but the "scaled score" on Texas board might show a 60%. NCEES past president has debunk a lot of the myths with the whole 70% is equal to a raw of 56/80 with this article here:
  12. EET Review coarse all the way!!! Professor Samir was the best!
  13. I have passed or I would post my Transportation scores here. 2nd time taking it. I took EET coarse and highly recommend it to everyone. Please do not get discouraged. Please also post here to find the cut score. I hope people from Texas post here!
  14. Passed! I would highly recommend EET online coarse as without it I do not think I would have passed! Samir and Dr Nazrul are the man!
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