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  1. Post here if you passed

    I was notified that I passed CA seismic and survey on Dec 16th, and I passed the 8-hr PE Civil exam last year around the same time. Funny thing is my friend passed the seismic exam as well (the only part he still needed) and his number is one number before mine. THAT was really cool to find out. Congrats to all that passed and best if luck to those still trying.
  2. If you are desperate enough....

    I asked it about the exam and it said to ask later. I asked if it was later, and it said yes. Then I asked if the Deadpool movie will suck... it said "without a doubt". DAMMIT!
  3. Who else is waiting on California Results!

    Seriously though... I'm butthurt about this waiting crap. like my butt really hurts from sitting for all these hours pressing F5 over and over. Sacramento needs to send out the results so my butt won't hurt anymore
  4. exam result for CA special exam

    I'm for both as well. At this point I've run out of fingernails to chew on.
  5. I believe that Dr. Ibrahim from EET said the reason why they went to 55 questions is that they inevitably have to throw out about 5 every time. They're tossed because the writing is ambiguous, there's an error in the writing of the problem, or no one (or very few) got it right. I have no proof of this, but it seems logical. On the Survey exam, #16 in particular had a number that had one too many zeros on it. I assumed it to be an error and calc'd it without the last zero, then I calc'd it with the extra zero. The answer came up for the calculation without the zero. I hope they don't throw out that one, because I got it right (at least I think I did).
  6. What was more enjoyable?

    Sorry... pizza beats em both Italian or Greek? Sloppy and soft or Greasy and firm? Oh no, an East Coast and West Coast opinion on pizza. To me pizza is a blank canvas where an artist can perform their work. Some are amazing, some aren't that great, however at the end of it I'm usually satisfied with what their interpretation is. If it isn't that great, it's still pizza. Now where are those damn results? This is really buggin the crap out of me.
  7. Where were you when you got the exam results

    For the October 2013 exam, I was at the Del Taco drive-thru in Pasadena CA at about 4:07 PM on December 4th. I saw the word "PASS" and proceeded to let out a few cheers and a bunch of "HELL YA"s. Then drank quite a bit of beer with my wife and a friend.
  8. In Summary?

    lulz... I needed a laugh. What I love about this board is that everyone on it is a nerd. Not nerd in the sense like the kids today think it's cool or some junk. Nerds in the sense that we really do find things like ^this funny, and the humor is lost on most people in this world. Now if my dam CA seismic and survey tests would come in some time soon, I can stop wearing out the F5 button.
  9. When I passed the 8-hr last October I took the School of PE online course. It pretty much was the reason why I passed. I used the materials to study and spent quite a bit of time going through them and hundreds of problems. I couldn't count how many hours, problems, or pages of work I did to pass. The only way I could measure it was by the number of pens I went through end-to-end. I went through 5 pens completely. Think of it as a distance similar to a light-year. I used the same strategy for the seismic and survey exams this go around. Went through 4 pens this time on both but mainly focused on seismic. Hopefully I'll get the results back soon and I won't need to count pens anymore.
  10. Late results.... A good sign or a bad one?

    now now, everyone should care about the cut scores of all the exams... after all you people are designing the world around us I'm a grumpy ass. I just want my test result. I mean, I hope everyone passes but I don't care what the cut score is. I know quite a few engineers that keep taking the test even though they don't study for them. Like they're going to pass because they guessed correctly... I definitely wouldn't want them to have a stamp. I hope people pass, but only if they know how to solve problems and use their resources properly. Sorry... just my $1/50
  11. What was more enjoyable?

    Sorry... pizza beats em both
  12. Top 1000 Reasons it takes NCEES so long

    86 - they ate too many waffles When I eat too many waffles I get sleepy...
  13. Error on the CA Survey Exam

    There were a few errors in both the Survey and Seismic exams this time around for me. My hope is that they don't throw it away if I got it right, and throw away one of the ones I got wrong instead.
  14. exam result for CA special exam

    Hopefully I'll get my results for these exams and the outcome will be good for both.
  15. I contact CA

    Anyone know when seismic and survey should be available?