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  1. CU07

    What To Do Exam Week

    I used a suitcase. I was going to use a carry-on size but I decided to print off some extra references in binders and went to the next size up suitcase so I wouldn't have to worry about fitting it all.
  2. CU07

    What To Do Exam Week

    I say this every time these threads come up and people say "don't bring anything besides x, y, and z!" so sorry for that... The quantity of references you need varies wildly by exam. For the Environmental exam, I highly recommend you bring every book you used while studying, which was at least two crates' worth for me. The exam is so broad that you will almost definitely see topics you are unfamiliar with and if you have enough time at the end, you might get a few more questions correct that you might have missed otherwise. I know I got several by searching indices and reading through sections of textbooks because I had an hour left on each portion. Friends that took the same exam weren't able to find some of them in the EnvERM or the few books they brought. Having a suitcase or a couple crates does not hurt you and can only help, so long as you rely primarily on a few references you are very familiar and use the rest as backup.
  3. CU07

    Postponement - CA

    I have two coworkers who weren't going to show up because they knew they didn't study enough and they both passed! It's definitely worth trying. Even if you don't pass, you'll be better prepared for next time. Good luck!
  4. You don't have to apply for approval to sit for the exam with CAPELS, so the OP can just register with NCEES and take it at their preferred location in IL as far as I can tell. I don't think IL even needs to be notified in any way. Since CA changed their application process in December 2016 to allow applicants to wait until after passing the PE to apply, I am not sure it's even an application by comity anymore, even by name. The OP can confirm this by calling CAPELS and confirming that he can select any site with NCEES if he would like.
  5. I don't think comity even needs to come into play here. The OP needs to sign up with NCEES to take the PE exam and then follow up with CA after he passes. Why get licensed in IL at all if the OP intends to practice in CA?
  6. You misunderstand me. It's going to be available in advance as an additional reference, not forcing people to take the paper test with only the reference manual. Like @snickerd3 suggests for ChemEs since theirs is available.
  7. I can't find where I heard it, but I am pretty sure they are planning to release the PE reference manuals before the switch to CBT so they can be used on the last paper exams and get feedback on anything missing. Since it's searchable electronically, that will be nice. I remember thinking the paper FE reference was very disorganized.
  8. I think you might be making mistakes while solving. NCEES does not try to intentionally trap you, but they do try to have a rationale for each answer choice rather than random numbers. So if you make a mistake converting units, you will likely get an answer choice and think you got the problem correct. I would advise you to take your time reading the problem, note what units are given, and circle what units you are solving for, and then solve the problem while carrying units out the whole way.
  9. I have coworkers that had NYS reject portions of their experience; they were required to wait for the length of time they were rejected (2 months in one case, over a year in another) before they could reapply.
  10. CU07

    October 2016 Environmental Exam

    They aren't particularly in-depth, though there are potentially probability/statistics questions. I wouldn't study other math sections of your references specifically, just refresh yourself as you solve other problems.
  11. Sorry, guys. Come hang out on the Environmental Exam board: http://engineerboards.com/index.php?/forum/5-environmental-exam/ We have a consolidated advice thread where prior test takers have provided lots of advice, and we're happy to chime in with questions about references and study materials. It's a very broad exam. You'll get it next time!
  12. CU07

    Faulty PE power question??

    NCEES does not want people to ruin questions by sharing them because it is expensive to write and vet new ones. Referring to a type of question or equation used isn't really a problem unless you're pretty specific. The topics on the exam shouldn't be a secret; they give you the exam breakdown. That said, if the OP has a question about a problem on the exam, they should email it to NCEES. They look closely to see whether a problem has multiple (or no) correct answers based on feedback from examinees.
  13. CU07

    Cut Scores

    I bolded the relevant part of my post for you. I am glad you passed one of the Civil exams with less than the prescribed level of experience. I think some other disciplines may have a harder time with less than 4 years. I think someone who is well beyond minimally competent can probably pass at any point after college. Someone right near the cutoff for competency would likely benefit from the work experience portion of the requirements, as practical knowledge is tested. Not everyone's job will be directly relevant, but that doesn't mean that work experience wouldn't help lots of other test takers.
  14. CU07

    Mechanical Failing Scores

    There's no problem with you posting your total correct from your diagnostic or your state's scaled percentage. The cut score is not a secret, but per Matt's excerpt, it varies by exam administration based on the relative difficulty of each examination. As Audi Driver suggests, you should not go into an exam (or leave it) assuming if you get 45 right this time you will be fine, because an easier examination will have a higher cut score. If the cut scores for both 2015 exams were identical, that's a coincidence.
  15. CU07

    Cut Scores

    There is no curve. The cut score is designed to pass people who are minimally competent and fail those who are not. It doesn't matter how many people take the test. If 1,500 people take it and only 400 meet the standard for minimally competent, then only 400 will pass. NCEES changed their Model Law to decouple experience from examination in 2013, meaning they support examinees taking it when they feel ready, but licensure still requires the same experience. The exam has not, and will not, change because of this. It is entirely possible that inexperienced examinees will have a hard time passing without practical experience - and I think this may be true for some exams more so than for others.
  16. This is how NYS is as well. I don't know anyone who did not use a PE as a reference at all, but I do know of people who had non-PEs verify portions of their experience that were accepted. http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/pels/pelic.htm#educ
  17. CU07

    October 2016 Environmental Exam

    I can't help you with the notes, but I used the NC State DVDs when I took the exam four years ago and would recommend it. It looks like the on-demand online course is the same content I used. I don't work in water or wastewater and I thought those modules were especially useful.
  18. CU07

    New MyNCEES

    I would expect that if you gain licensure in a state that requires continuing education, that requirement would begin when you obtained licensure there, not before. In NYS, you're actually exempt from the continuing education requirement for your first renewal period, even if you didn't just take the exam. I think PA is the same.
  19. CU07

    Exam Day Rules for PE Exam

    Everyone: read the requirements on your approval letter. Each state is different. NYS does not allow any food or drinks, not even water. I used a suitcase for my reference materials, and I had to bring my personal items in a clear plastic bag.
  20. CU07

    2nd Edition ENVRM by Lindeburg downloads

    If you can't find a PDF, I have a printed, bound copy of the 2nd edition index I'll mail you. I passed the exam 4 years ago and if I need to find something in the manual now, I just use the index in the back anyways. I don't see a separate index for the support materials (appendices) in my copy of the manual, just a two-page TOC that would be easy enough to tab. If you want me to mail it, send me a message through the boards with your address.
  21. CU07

    Masters vs Davis & Cornwell

    I used Masters because it's what I had from school, and I wholeheartedly second Dleg's recommendation for Salvato's text as a second reference. You can pick up a used single-volume edition (it's now three volumes); I used an older copy my library had and thought it was incredibly useful.
  22. CU07

    Chemicals and Associated Industries?

    I have this list posted on my wall (mine is formatted differently because it's 8 years old): http://www.ehso.com/contaminants.htm
  23. I can't answer your question about using endorsers from municipalities, though that is allowed by NYS if you provide a letter documenting why you're using them as an endorser. I had one job over my four years of experience (with increasing responsibilities) and I only had one endorser, my supervisor. He is a PE, though. NYS does not require that your endorser be a PE, but I think you need to make sure that your engineering experience is very clearly acceptable if your supervisor is not a PE. This is what the instructions for Form 4 say: Your experience must be endorsed by someone who is familiar with your work and can attest that it has been done as stated and is accurately described. Your endorser should preferably be the person who was your supervisor at the time the work was performed. If this is not possible, a letter documenting the reasons, must be provided with the Form. If you are unable to obtain a supervisor's endorsement, select another person (coworker or client) you worked with who is sufficiently knowledgeable about your work to attest to the accuracy of your experience description.
  24. Some states don't require that you work under a PE - NYS is one. Looking briefly at the TBPE website, it looks like you're required to have 3 PE references but it's possible to have references from people you did not work for, so perhaps you could get references through a professional organization. As cupojoe said, your best bet is to contact the TBPE and see what they suggest.
  25. CU07

    Non-traditional students

    NYS doesn't require that you wait 4 years after graduation. You just need to meet the 12 years of combined educational and work experience requirement. I highly recommend you review the state board website or call and talk to someone. http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/pels/pelic.htm#educ FYI, NYS still has a non-degreed option.