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  1. It is good to think positive. If it works, you say "I knew it" !! If it doesn't work, you loose nothing. By the way, if you are at work, depending on the network of the place where you work, the firewall setting may preclude you to see the website update rightaway. But anyways, the news will spread soon after it is updated. And, don't worry. You will pass!!
  2. I expect website update between 3:15 and 3:20 pm
  3. That's what they always say. It happened last year too. I work a couple of blocks from their office. The day I asked them about when they would update their website, they told me "a couple of days later". When I went home, the mail was in my mail box and their website was updated. Don't lose hope.
  4. I am 95% sure that they will update the website before the end of the day. Good Luck all !!!! I had been there and I know what you all are feeling now.
  5. I kindly request my name to be included in the passing members list. I am so happy that I passed the Civil/WR exam, first try (Maryland).
  6. I PASSED !!! I PASSED !!!! I PASSED !!! Good luck to all who are still waiting.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS !! Now I left the class to hit the road.
  9. I am more than sick. The class is about design of culverts (by FHWA), may be you are in the class too? (lol). Incase today's result isn't gonna be good, may be this class is going to be useful for october exam. Well, lets see, or I will disappear during break time. I have to drive all the way down to silverspring.
  10. I am having training class till 5 pm. I think I am gonna be in the class physically only. What do you advise me? Cancel the class and go home? Good Luck All !
  11. That can be the case. I asked him when it is going to be released. Then we still have hope till 5:14pm today.
  12. I called the DLLR office again. The guy I talked to told me that results are going to be released "THE FIRST WEEK OF JULY, NEXT WEEK HOPEFULLY".....exactly his words. Well, what to do !
  13. I think all of us scored 100% and DLLR is confused whom to fail.
  14. Let us hope for that. I can see the DLLR building across the street from my office and that makes my pain more than anybody else. Good Luck All !
  15. Yes that is the number I called.
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