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  1. giddyupmaster


    giddyupmaster, passed PE, Indiana - Civil Construction I only have 4 posts, I don't even care that I won't be on the banner, just wanted to share!
  2. giddyupmaster

    Civil - Construction PE Results

    Passed, I felt good about the test when I walked out of it, but definintely got worried as December rolled around. Glad to be done, good luck to everyone that has to retake it, don't give up!
  3. giddyupmaster

    PE Results - some are released

    Indiana is in also, Still haven't received the email, but the results are up on NCEES website.
  4. giddyupmaster

    PE Results - some are released

    I PASSED! For real, no b.s. My results are up on my ncees account, but I have yet to receive the email. Here is a copy of everything except my ID number. State Board: Indiana Exam Type: PE - Civil Exam Date: October 2011 Exam Result: Pass Congratulations! You have achieved a passing score on your recent NCEES exam. Please note that NCEES does not release numeric exam scores; results are reported as pass or fail only. See below for information on how to proceed with the licensing process in your state. We wish you continued success in your career. To ensure that you receive your licensure information, please report any changes in your address immediately to the Indiana State Board of Registration. You will need to submit the $50.00 issuance fee with a copy of your Results Notice with any address updates. To the following address. Indiana State Board of Registration for PE and PLS ATTN: Group 10 402 W. Washington Street Room W072 Indianapolis, IN 46204 For more information, contact the Indiana Board directly at (317) 234-3022 or pla10@pla.in.gov.
  5. giddyupmaster

    Sample problems needing NDS for Wood Construction

    I took the same test, and couldn't agree more. I just hope my thinking was logical at that point, it was fairly late in the day when I got around to that problem.
  6. giddyupmaster

    Construction Depth Reference Manual

    I didn't see this thread until today, but I found the book to be pretty worthless. I would say 75% of the material is just a duplicate of the construction section out of the new CERM. Also, keep in mind that it's not 110 pages of material, there is also a practice test (I'm not sure if it is different from any other practice test or if it is the same questions). Looking back, that's the only reference I took in that I didn't use for a single question, but that was on the October 2011 test and could be different for the next exam. HOWEVER, with all that said, I did buy it, and would probably buy it again if I had to do it over.
  7. giddyupmaster

    Comfortably Numb

    I can't say I haven't been thinking about it, and haven't been checking this forum every day or two. However, it hadn't even crossed my mind that it had been a month. I seems like just yesterday I was making that brain-dead 3 hour drive back from my testing site. I'm still not sure how the hell I made it home that night.
  8. giddyupmaster

    How many at your test?

    I believe there were around 155-160 people in my test. I took it in Indianapolis, Indiana in October 2011 at the 4H Fairgrounds (right next to where the Sugarland stage collapsed last summer). It was one big exhibit hall, but I was so engrossed in my test I had no idea what anyone else was doing.
  9. giddyupmaster

    Where are you Waiting?

    Indiana - Civil Construction. Based on what I've seen from past exams on here, I'm thinking results may come out from Indiana during the 2nd or 3rd full week of December. Hoping for a great Birthday/Christmas present. Good luck to everyone else!
  10. giddyupmaster

    References for the Construction Depth

    I feel the same way about the Construction Depth Manual. I got the impression that it was rather hastily put together to meet a publication date goal. I think that with further editions this book will become a useful manual for the civil-construction exam. There are a few gems in the present edition, but right now, it is not worth the money. I think you may be right about the publication date. I don't RECALL seeing it when I first ordered my materials (Early June), but saw it sometime in late September. I didn't want to buy it, but I wasn't going to miss out on passing the test because I was too cheap to pay another $130.
  11. giddyupmaster

    References for the Construction Depth

    Here is a list of the references I used for the Civil PE Construction Depth. I used each book at LEAST once for my exam in October. CERM Design Loads on Structures During Construction (ASCE 37) Formwork for Concrete (ACI SP-4) Guide to Formwork for Concrete (ACI 347, this is included with ACI SP-4) MUTCD Part 6 OSHA for the Construction Industry National Design Specifications for Wood Construction For ASCE 37, ACI SP-4 (and ACI 347), and the MUTCD Part 6, I was able to find PDF's to download on the internet. Some sites were fairly sketchy and I highly recommend a good antivirus before you go looking for files to download. I might be able to find where my pdf's came from if someone needs help. Since I work for a state DOT as a construction engineer, I have contact with construction contractors on a daily basis. I simply asked one of their engineers if they had an extra OSHA manual lying around that I could borrow or rent from them. I also bought the CERM for the Construction Depth (or something like that), it was just over $100 and was less than 200 pages long. Another engineer that I work with also bought this, we felt like largely it was a waste of money. Most material was just copied from the large CERM. Hopefully the next edition of the smaller book is better.