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  1. While I continue to WAIT for my PE results, I have started to wonder about some RUMORS I have heard and was hoping someone on here can clarify them for me. I am new to North Carolina and just sat for the Civil/Transpo exam for the first time (October 2011). I have heard two consistent rumors since I moved to North Carolina: Rumor #1: The NC Board establishes their own cut score after given the scores from NCEES. (I don't believe this is true due to the timing of the scores, I would just like to hear it from someone.) Rumor #2: It doesn't matter if you aced your depth module and one or two sections of your breadth module, you have to correctly answer a certain percentage in each of the sections of the breadth exam to 'Pass' the exam. On a side note, how is it that NCEES posts a 69% pass rate for first time takers (40% for repeat takers) yet I see some states have a overall 50-60% pass rate? Are there that many repeat takers or do some states have a 70-90% pass rate to bring up the average? Any help would be appreciated and would help to ease my nerves. Thank you.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I'm sort of glad to hear that it was hard to find for you as well, the solution made it sound like it was in one place or chart. As for the PPI problems, they are on the computer and NOT easy to print. Honestly, I'm not sure how much I'm going to use them besides emergency examples on the exam. They are pretty difficult, in my opinion, more difficult than the 6-minute solutions. Starting to stress... so much left to practice, read, and tab! Good luck to all.
  3. I'm taking the Civil: Transportation Depth Exam in less than two weeks and I'm stumped on one of the PPI: Exam Cafe AM Transpo questions. The solution said it was found in the Green Book but, I was only able to find the cross slope recommendation (1.5%-2%). I realize I can eliminate two using the cross slope and logically eliminate the gravel shoulders. But, is that what I'm suppose to do or is the ANSWER actually in the Green Book? Here is the question: Problem 1: Transportation A rural divided highway has an average daily traffic of 40,000 veh, with a design hour volume of 4,000 vehicles and a peak directional volume of 2500 vehicles. The commercial traffic is 5%. For a design speed of 70 mph, which of the following designs would be most appropriate? a. four 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 8ft gravel shoulders and a cross slope of 1.5% b. four 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 8ft paved shoulders and a cross slope of 4% c. six 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 10ft paved shoulders and a cross slope of 2% d. six 12ft wide, paved lanes, with 10ft gravel shoulders and a cross slope of 1% SOLUTION: Using the AASHTO Green Book, for high traffic volumes, six lanes, and 10ft shoulders are desirable. The median should be at least 40 feet wide, and the cross slope of the pavement should be at least 1.5%. The answer is C. Thank you!
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