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  1. I have very little or no respect to guys with BS degree. BS = Bull S**t and on top of that Bachelor of Technology...Hell no....
  2. I am licensed Engineer with a MS degree and was asked by my previous employer to report to a guy who is an Engineering technology major. I refused, changed my job with a title as Team lead in a F-100 company. Hey by the way got 10% pay raise with job change, new office and excellent benefits.
  3. I am a licensed engineer and worked on valves all my life. As per my knowledge, when gate valve opens or closes under fluid pressure more resistance is offered by valve disc. Compared to ball which is already inline with fluid flow. A butterfly valve has even less fluid resistance. I bet it is based on geometry of valve and how aerodynamic it is to fluid flow.
  4. gaurav0323

    Lets talk about post PE raises (esp. in michigan!)

    PE's, After I passed my MD-PE exam I emailed my manager and COO of my company. I got congratulations email from COO and a firm handshake from my manager. BTW I work for a manufacturing company. After I passed I was reimbursed for my PE application fee and exam fees which was around $565. My company does not have any policy for passing PE exam. My manager and management are all mum and no-one has come up with a pay raise for me. Do you guys think that I should go to my manager and ask for one or should I give him some time. I really feel embarrassed and my ego hurts to ask for a raise, I feel like I am begging. After getting my PE my ego is on ninth sky and asking for a raise from those douchebag MBA's is against my pride and prestige. Please suggest my action plan. Should I go and ask for $$ from those spreadsheet makers.
  5. gaurav0323

    Texas PE Results Out!

    Fantastic! I hope to be sharing in your glory in the near future! Best Luck Outlaw. God be with you. BTW. I was on vacation in smoky mountains and atlanta. When I saw my results I was in Georgia aquarium. I was so excited that I started to jump in joy and trust me all people were like "who's this idiot"
  6. gaurav0323

    Texas PE Results Out!

    Congrats! Thanks a ton Krakosky
  7. gaurav0323

    Texas PE Results Out!

    Guys, I am soooooooooo happy. After last time fiasco (Oct-11) I really studied hard.Finally a chapter of my life is over.
  8. gaurav0323

    Texas PE Results Out!

    Gentlemen, Passed!!!!!!! I am now a Professional Engineer. Texas Board Of Professional engineer. Mechanical systems and Materials. Score : 91%. PS: This was my second attempt. Its time for a promotion and a pay raise.
  9. gaurav0323

    April Exam Update

    I played Head and Tails game. Tossed a quarter coin 5 times. 3- times heads I passed; 3-tails I fail. Got all 5-times tails, I guess I did not make it.
  10. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    I was on a complete Veggie diet one day before exams and day of exam. I had couple of sandwiches of potato patties (Kroger Brand) with onions and tomatoes. I also had lots of yoplaint yogurt. It is scientifically proven that yogurt helps in controlling acidity and keeps stomach at right PH levels. I did not want headaches due to increased acidity associated with anxiety, lack of sleep on exam day. You see like Mr. Monk everythings got to be perfect.
  11. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    I feel that we should have results (majority of states) before memorial weekend. Just a guess looking at past result dates.
  12. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    Outlaw, I agree that many disciplines like Civil have a very high cut scores like 55-56/80 question correct = 70%. But you cannot base your assumptions on other branches of engineering. For Mechanical TF/MD/HVAC cut-scores are very low, my buddy who scored 56/80 was on 82% for MD. Also unlike all states Texas releases percentage passing to its candidates. I know my scores and percentage from last time and the reason why I am basing my assumption that 46/80 is passing for MD area.
  13. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    MizzouMatt, Nope 46/80 was passing score for MD last time around. 44/80 was 68% and 45/80 was 69%. PE exams are graded on a curve and not on number of correct answers. If it was graded on number of correct answers like getting 56/80 correct = 70% I would have never made it through . Krakosky, Rockett, Reading your posts you guys did far better than what I did last time. I guessed on 30/80 questions in Oct -11. I am pretty confident you guys will make it through.
  14. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    Krakosy, I scored 44/80 last time and 46/80 was the passing score. I remember one of the guy in this forum scored 69% with 45/80 correct (MD-Depth). Looking at Apr -12 exam I feel that again 45-46/80 will be the passing score because it was of same/more difficult than Oct -11 exam. If I dont make it this time I will go to the Himalayas and attain nirvana or become a buddhist priest.
  15. gaurav0323

    How did you guys make out?

    I am a proud PE Exam veteran . This was my second go for PE Mechanical systems and Materials. If I have to grade Oct 2011 VS April 2012 exam I would give 9.50/10 and 9.45/10 for Oct 2011 morning and Apr 2012 morning. For Afternoon I would give 9.50/10 and 9.60/10 for Oct 2011 and Apr 2012. Last time there were equal percentage of problems on MD, Thermal and HVAC in morning. I was not that well prepared in HVAC and scored poorly. This time around I really crunched on HVAC in my study time, but alas to my surprise there were very few probelms on HVAC. Also very few problems on MD and thermal and lots of them on general engineering. I feel that I did better this time than Oct -11 for morning. MD- evening was a nightmare. I did lot of silly mistakes which are un-pardonable. I feel that my afternoon section went the same way or better than afternoon compared to last time. I remember last time I was only able to get through 20/40 problems in evening and guessed on remaining 20. This time around I was atleast able to go over all 40 and guessed on 6-9 problems. I feel that I will make it through. PS. I got 68% last time and was one-step away from finishing line. I hope that this time I am through. This is my last chance, my wife is frustrated and cannot take this anymore.