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  1. here we go again, "upgrade"

    I like the look of the site on tapatalk but can't figure out how to see all of the threads. It's more like a Facebook newsfeed style.
  2. here we go again, "upgrade"

    How do I get back to the mobile option? It used to be at the bottom of the page.
  3. The Automotive Thread

    My escape was fwd.
  4. The Automotive Thread

    A lot of the reviews I read about them said the engine is underpowered for the car and acceleration was slow and lagging. I knew that would annoy me driving 110 miles on the highway everyday.
  5. The Automotive Thread

    We test drove the crosstrek. I was considering getting it but then I went to look at the BMW X1...
  6. Happy birthday engineergurl

    Happy Birthday EG!
  7. RIP VTE

    ^ lol
  8. Happy Birthday Dex!

    Happy Birthday Dex!
  9. Happy Bday Chucktown

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Do you have a favorite kid?

    I love how honest you guys are.
  11. Happy Birthday Snickerd3

    Happy Birthday Snick!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Goodall!

    Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday Road Guy!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  14. RIP VTE

  15. Help on upcoming car purchase

    Yeah I paid for the "everything's covered for 100k miles" because I have a 110 mile commute. It is nice that they also include all oil changes and maintenance up to 50k miles.