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  1. I would make sure you have liability insurance. I have heard of firms billing at an hourly rate to to review and basically become intematly involved in the design. Whoever prepared the drawings need to understand that you are just not seeling the drawings. You will ask questions, make sure things are right, and you won't seal unless you are in agreement with the design.
  2. Ok, so I passed the fire protection exam. I was already a PE since 2004 by passing the electrical power. Obviously, my home state has my results for both tests. I am also licensed in 3 other states. These states are not disipline specific and you can seal designs as long as you have the education and/or the experiance and take responsibility for the design. Is there any reason that I need to notify these other states of passing the FPE?
  3. JohnHu

    Actual Scores

    Do they no longer release the actual scores? I think they were weighted before but now it just seams to be pass/fail. Is that all your state knows or do they get your scores. I am just curious how I did on the FPE that I just passed vs the EE exam that I passed in 2004.
  4. Several states allow for experiance options. They all vary for how much you need. Then there are other states that won't take a technology degree, even if you have a masters on top of it. All depends.
  5. JohnHu

    Maryland PE Status

    I mostly see black but I have seen one jurisdiction I think in PA that required red or blue to show it was original. None of my stamps are pre-inked. I just felt that buying a standard stamp was better because you don't use it that often and I will need it to last as much as 40 years. Also, if you need to stamp another color it will be easier.
  6. I just passed the fire protection and had only 6 weeks to study. I didn't start studying until I knew the state would allow me to take it.
  7. JohnHu

    FPE results?

    I passed the FPE in PA. First attempt but I already did pass another disipline in 2004.
  8. Now that the 12 days of christmas are over they release the scores. Passed - Fire Protection. I kept telling myself the last few weeks that I must have failed.
  9. What is the use? They will release the results when they are ready.
  10. JohnHu

    Maryland PE Status

    For you Maryland guys that are buying a seal, I would also consider buying a stamp for the following regulation: "Documents described in this chapter shall contain the following certification: "Professional Certification. I hereby certify that these documents were prepared or approved by me, and that I am a duly licensed professional engineer under the laws of the State of Maryland, License No._____, Expiration Date:_______________."" You can always have this typed in your titleblock but it may be a good idea to have this on a stamp in case it is ever needed. I think I got one for like $6.
  11. It is a little warmer today. I think everybody waiting from PA has warmed things up.
  12. I received this e-mail today from the PA board as a response from an e-mail last week: "Thank you for your recent email inquiry. The testing agency sends out the test results. It is our understand they have a technical problem and will mail the results as soon as the problem is resolved."
  13. Today's the day. I have a feeling because it is a cold day in hell. :wave2:
  14. This is BS. In 2004, the results were released on 12/21. I received the results before christmas via mail (it wasn't electronic then). The 12/21 matches the date on my license of "Initial Licsence Date". Now granted it took several months to get the actual license. The date 12/21/04 corresponds to the 3rd Wed of the month when the engineering board meets. Is this coincidence? I suspect somebody is telling you guys the entire story. I suspect that the results may not be released and license not issued until after the next board meeting which is January 18.
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