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  1. AZ Civil failed " AM 48% 18/40 PM 75% 30/40 I know what I will be doing until April....
  2. Congrats! Thanks for the info.. AZ Civil still waiting....
  3. AZ not in. my ncees still says results/diag not yet available.
  4. How did you recieve your results?

    AZ PE Results!

    Post your results here.

    PE result

    This is like holding a lotto ticket and dreaming about what to do with the winnings. Hurry up and draw the freaking numbers already.. oh know what if I don't win.

    PE RESULTS!!!!

    He is definitely in a different Florida than the one I am in. No results for me yet.
  8. I check it so often my phone told me to write an app already.... :P

    PE result

    The results are in! i just just saved $300 on my auto insurance!! woo hoo!
  10. For surveyors the results are out. They have not made us engineers suffer enough yet. How about that timer? It drove me nuts when it was here before now I am nuts without it. Wow maybe I am just nuts......
  11. Civil/Trans awaiting results in Florida sat for the exam in Arizona. 2X loser so I unfortunately know the wait. This time it has been the toughest as I actually studied and felt like it went well which scares me..... Anyways got tired of just checking the site for results thought i would ramble on.... Is it Friday yet?
  12. WAITING!!!!!!! for results!

  13. Yes and I found the tables. I just want to know at what distance from the travel way is within the shyline? say at 60mph for example
  14. Not wanting to get specific about any question on the exam of course but in general can someone explain the three different flare taper zones in relationship to the travel lane and the shyline offset? Thanks
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