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  1. No guarantee that I passed, but the Oct 2014 exam felt a lot easier for me than the last time I took it (April 2011). I studied pretty hard for this last exam (over 300 hours) and was ready for any fault current, voltage drop, or symmetrical current question they could throw at me, but ended up relying more on my 30 years of practical experience as a high voltage electrician (8 years), instrument mechanic (8 years) and a EE (14 years) instead of my recent efforts studying. As for preparing for the April 2015 exam (maybe myself included:P), I don't think there's much I would do differently. I'd probably spend most of my time practicing SU, NCEES and CI exams to make sure I'm 100% ready for those types of questions. The rest of the questions require an understanding of principles and being able to "connect the dots". Hopefully I was able to get enough of those questions correct this last time around. Good luck to all.
  2. This is my second time taking the exam...first time was in Apr 2012. Yesterday's exam didn't seem too hard, but I certainly was surprised about the variety of topics covered. This time around I practiced exams from CI, Spinup, and NCEES and really hoped the exam yesterday would be more similar...but it wasn't. Oh well...we'll see what happens:)
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