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  1. After taking and passing the exam..I would say the Camara book is a must! I answered 10-11 questions directly from the book on the exam.
  2. using the the GA Tech binder and 3 weeks of studying I'm selling mine for $250 or 10 bottles of Vodka like they do it in the old country. Hit me up.
  3. If you have an MSEE you will not need a review course. Just review your old books and notes.
  4. Illinois reviews references and experience after the exam is passed. Here is my timeline for "Endorsement by Exam" application. 04/17/15 - PE Exam taken 05/27/15 - Exam Results Released on NCEES site 05/27/15 - Mailed my "Endorsement by Exam" application with references, transcripts, experience, & $100 fee. 05/29/15 - My priority mail flat rate envelope with above items was delivered to IDFPR. 06/11/15 - My application fee check was debited from my account. 06/15/15 - My application was uploaded into IDFPR's internal database. At this point it wasn't reviewed and was in queue waiting to be processed. 06/16/15 - I called for an update on my application and was given the info listed in the line above. 06/17/15 - My license number was posted online.
  5. Post here if you received your license number after taking the April 15 Exam.
  6. Lets check in with Newman for the status of the mail:
  7. I passed! Cramming does work..
  8. I passed --> posted on NCEES...First time the charm baby!
  9. I don't think they are in any rush to release results....they are all yapping about their long weekend right about now..
  10. Tomorrow the wait will finally be over for most of us. We will either be: OR
  11. You have to come up with your own name...don't want anyone claiming any rights to the name later on..
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