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  1. Civil/Structural in Oct 2011 - Got the Goswami book, no CERM. Mostly tabbing and re-familiarizing subjects was my study time. NCEES practice exams were helpful, and passed it. Only thing I'd do differently was to bring the CERM along, too. I know of a couple of qualitative problems I could have found the answer for in it.
  2. PE Structural Depth Failure - Advice?

    I took it back in Oct 2011 but my advice is simply not to overthink the problems. Best example problems were the NCEES sample exam questions. Never had the CERM, just the Goswami book. Never been a big studier, just some logical reasoning and know where to find everything in the books. Just keep a level head and I think you'll do fine.
  3. So who is ready for Friday?

    Good luck test takers. Can't believe this will be my 2 yr anniversary since taking (and passing) the PE exam. My advice.. breathe, and try not to over-think the problems. There will always be a few tricky ones but don't let them hang you up.. just keep moving on.
  4. For those who passed the PE ...

    We are filled to the max with Yankees down here.
  5. I took and passed first go-around for Civil-Structural in Oct' 11. I'm certainly no brain and my study habits have always been meager to say the least - my advice is to keep common sense and keep the thought process simple. The only books I used during 90-95% of the exam were Goswami and ASCE 7. Goswami 3/4 of the time. Never bought or even seen the CERM book before. I still recommend bringing all of the books on the list. Every exam is different.
  6. someone has got to make a table to track all of this! I took the FE in Spring '06 and PE in Fall '11.. I believe both were red
  7. I took the PE last October, structural depth, and my first time. I didn't think it was all that bad. It wasn't any worse than the AM section. Honestly, I think some folks over-think and over-study sometimes and end up failing just as badly as those who don't study at all. Structural problems can particularly hang you up if that's the case. I was your average engineering student with a focus on structural. I'm certainly no brain. My GPA was 3.1. My approach was common sense because the test is geared to this way of thinking. I got the Goswami book and a couple of NCEES sample exams. (Some people swear by the CERM and that's fine, your choice.) I probably only studied a total of 15-20 hours, focused mainly on knowing my way around the Goswami book. Sure, there were a couple of questions that I didn't know at all but the vast majority of questions are quick to answer if you measure your pace and try not to over-analyze it.
  8. This is the correct answer. If you have both dead and live loads resisting the overturning moment force of the wind load then for the worst case in this scenario you discount live loads because there is a possibility of actually having no live loads. Dead loads will always be in place so it stays as a resisting force. If the dead and live loads are contributing to the overturning force then for the worst case you leave the live load in because there is a possibility of actually having a live load. This basically boils down to figuring moments. You figure out where the overturning point is and see which direction the loads would make the structure spin. If all 3 would make the structure spin in the same direction, then its D+L+W, if D+L counteract the W generated moment, then it's just D+W.
  9. For last October's exam, I bought Goswami's book.. never got the CERM. Seemed like I used Goswami's book most of the time. I'm sure there were a couple of questions I could have more likely answered correctly with the CERM as well but feel I managed well enough with just Goswami's book. I feel that the simplicity and better organization of his book compared to CERM was an overall net plus. BTW, I took Civil/Structural and passed.
  10. How to Pass FE, PE, and SE

    You should sell your "cook" book!

    wow, passed PE, North Carolina - Civil
  12. NC PE Results

    I got some paperwork from NCBELS. It's going to take 3 to 6 more weeks to get the certificate. :juggle:
  13. NC PE Results

    Indeed. Does anyone know the size of these certificates? I need to get a frame!
  14. NC PE Results

    I never received an email either. Also, license numbers are up. I've got a palindrome! I guess I'll be waiting for my paperwork in the mail.
  15. October 2011 Results Reported So Far - Map

    I have a friend who took it in SC. They have their results. Not sure what day it was. I think it was the 15th.