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  1. Personal Boycotts

    I have a long list of companies and entities. Some examples are Home Depot, most movies shown in the theater (that's how Hollywood makes most of their $), Hallmark Cards, All U.S. manufactured cars except for Ford (unions and bailouts), all banks (I use credit unions), some insurance companies (Allstate, Progressive) and pretty much all the "blue" states. It would take some time for me to list them out but it's relatively simple to identify when they come up. Some of them I wouldn't be able to give specific dates, quotes and proof behind the actions that caused my boycotts but I remember generally what they did. Reasons for the boycotts are diverse but usually involve union labor, support of gun control, support of the redifinition of marriage, support of elective abortion, financial contributions to any Democrat (the NRA gets a pass), or affirmative action practices or hostility towards religion.
  2. Now what?

    A PE from CT would probably be better suited to answer your questions, but I'll give it a try: Can you use the title PE on business cards or resumes BEFORE you are officially licensed by a state board? I think most here would recommend waiting until your name actually appears on the roster or if you have some sort of confirmation that you are licensed. In my state passing the test doesn't instantly license you, although I appeard on the roster just a few hours after I received my test results. In my state people can and do verify whether someone is a P.E. via the online roster. Can you use the title after you've been licensed by another state board but have yet to transfer your license? If I were to move to another state and was waiting for my license to transfer but really wanted to use "P.E." on my signature I'd put something like "P.E. (Texas)" or "Licensed Professional Engineer - Texas". until the new license was granted. After you receive your license and stamps, do you need to purchase some type of insurance? When I got licensed I called my company legal department and verified I was fully covered for "errors and omissions." If that were not the case I would NOT stamp anything unless I had liability insurance either through myself or the company. I've heard of people setting up PLLCs (profesional limited liability companies) but I'm not sure how much protection that offers since it's still your name on the stamp. Also is there a thread or forum specifically for transferring licenses to specific states? I don't know, but you probably want to get an NCEES record if you plan on doing this. You get a $50 discount if you establish it within the year. I just did it (still pending) and it was not difficult, you can use much of the same info and references you used when getting your original license, it will only get more difficult as time passes. The NCEES record is highly recommended on this website.
  3. Anderson Cooper is Gay.

    Gay pride and the type of in-your-face behavior that comes with it is all about supporting the Democratic Party with money and votes. The Dems have a long history of creating a victimhood and an "us vs them" mentality. They point to past injustices and tell everyone that nothing has changed since then, people believe them, get a chip on their shoulder and join a cause that does little more than act as fundraising/lobbying for the Democratic Party. They do this with race, religion, gender, economic class, workers unions and now sexual preference. The latest example of this is President Obama's sudden reversal on his stance against gay marriage. As soon as he changed his position a huge amount of money flowed into his re-election warchest. On a side note, his sudden reversal begs the question - if gay marriage is in fact a fundamental right, why did he not support earlier? Was he prejudiced against gay people or did he feel that their civil rights were less important than his own political career at that time?
  4. I'm honestly surprised Ric has this much patience with you and others who agree with you. The PE registration fee is a fraction of your annual salary. Additionally, some companies pay or the registration altogether (even for multiple tries). Maybe you should change something on your end instead of complaining. I politely disagree with you. I already have my PE and I think the fee hike is too much too quick. I feel bad for those who will have to pay the surprise sharp jump in fees. I know that it would have been tough on me. I think what egdad said was spot on. Why would Ric need patience for our opinions? We are entitled to our opinions. And we are entitled to express them on a public forum. I wonder why it bothers you. It's unfortunate that the fees would have been hard for you, but again Ric is trying to serve the majority here. Not sure what that means but I don't think anyone said he wasn't. And based on statistics, this test fee, is about 1% or less than the annual salary of the average CA civil engineer. Maybe, maybe not but it's irrelevant to the 300%+ fee increase. You and others are suggesting ideal solutions, but the fact is California as a state is struggling right now. LOL - So are its citizens. You really think the phasing of some test fees is on the top of the list? Not sure about any list but phasing seemed reasonable to me. Again, if this was truly such a bothersome issue, find another company that pays better and covers your fees. LOL. You got us. It's very difficult to argue such a reasonable, rational, logical, sensible suggestion such as the one you make. I'm sure everyone affected by the PE exam fee increases will consider your advice to get a higher paying job. Again, I wonder why this bothers you so much. Currently you only have two posts and both are to complain about people complaining about the fee hike. Did you sign up just to argue with those affected by the fee increase? People are entitled to express their opinions about increased expenses.
  5. See if your employer will be flexible with you. See if you can spend a small amount of time each week during work hours to study. Maybe you can adjust your work hours to allow you to schedule study time when you would normally be working and make up the hours at the beginning/end of other shifts. I did a little of both of these and it worked out well, however I didn't have two kids. Maybe even use some vacation time.
  6. PE after the name

    I vote for not using any form of -IT after your name. You can be proud and display your certificate or even put on your resume that you are an EIT or LSIT, but putting it on a business card or signature is too much IMO. I never did. I know someone who puts "BSEE" (BS degree in electrical engineering) on his business cards which seems pretty uncommon.
  7. Ron Paul for Fed Chairman 2014!

    Oops, I guess I should have put this in the politics forum. Oh well.
  8. Wouldn't this be the best thing ever? I know Fed Chairman is not an elected position, but Romney could appoint him. I'm not sure how the Senate would react, but can you imagine what would happen? Does anyone else hate the Federal Reserve as much as I do and would you love to see this happen?
  9. Meh, I make a pretty good living here in the U.S. Austrailia might be cool in some ways, but as I think about my legally-owned AR-15s, AK-47s, sound suppressors, semi-auto handguns, my concealed handgun licenses, etc I don't really get the urge to move there, considering they are all banned. Plus I do feel a bit more patriotic knowing my country protects my basic human rights of self defense and the right to defend my family when most other countries (including Austrailia) are extremely hostile towards those rights. All this coupled with the exclusionary rule and unmatched due process rights makes the grass look much greener where I am standing. More money, hiking in the outback and a feeling of being "progressive" can't make up for all this.
  10. It seems that the Protective Relaying Principles and Applications Third Edition has some errors, one of which I was able to confirm in my copy. Someone on Amazon says there is an errata available. Does anyone know how to get it or errata sheets in general?
  11. 4.5 years out of college, 29 years old.
  12. VFD papers

    Like mauldinite, I didn't spend much time looking at the NEMA VFD guide before the exam, but I sure am glad I printed it and took it with me. By the way, for whatever reason it wouldn't print correctly for me until I selected the "print as image" option.
  13. An oil and gas contractor in the Houston area is looking for experienced electrical (power) engineers. At least 6 years of experience is required. I can get your resume directly to the department supervisor. Please send me a private message if interested.
  14. Update - all items have been sold.