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  1. My name and PE number are up on the DPOR engineer database, and I received my certificate in the mail on Saturday. The PCS website looks the same for me. It only has application information, no results.
  2. Passed HVAC in VA. First attempt. Took the week of the test off. Studied roughly 60 hours, mostly the week of the test (I took off that week).
  3. I have 6.5 years experience total, 5 years at my current firm (consulting) where I started as a CAD tech and just passed the PE (out of state) in April. The results were released last week, and I'm yet to hear anything about a raise. Annual salary reviews are at the end of the month, so I assume that's when it will happen. I'm very curious as to what they'll offer. Anyone may feel free to PM me to talk dollars.
  4. In that situation you negotiate by finding a new job.
  5. That is correct. Experience must be obtained prior to submitting your application, so by the time you take the test you'll have another 6 months experience, and by the time you get your results you'll have at least 8 months more experience than it says is required.
  6. tim1981

    MD results

    Lighten up. The people that run and moderate this board have real jobs. Whatever funds are generated by donation or vendors goes to paying for the bandwidth. They do this for fun to give engineers working on obtaining their license a place to go. I'm sure they're not just sitting there on their computer waiting for you "report". No. I also used the report function on Capitalist's comment. That is what the report button is there for. It is true that this forum is run by volunteers with real jobs to attend to. But it is a forum on a professional topic and has paying advertisers who want to know that the money they are spending is going to a well-run site. I am sure that "School of PE" (the current sponsor on the page I am viewing) doesn't want to be associated with a forum that a site that allows that kind of garbage to run rampant. There is a reason why 4Chan doesn't have paying advertisers. The same reason why educated people don't visit 4chan. I am not advocating hitting the report function on every Tom, Dick and Harry who complains about politics, or makes fun of liberals. But Capitalist's comments clearly crossed a line of decency. WHAT DID I MISS?!?!?!
  7. tim1981 Passed PE - Mechanical (HVAC) VA
  8. Same here. NCEES says I passed, PCS still says pending, and I am not listed on the Virginia licensee lookup. I assume they just still have to assign numbers and enter everyone into the system.
  9. BS in Mathematics - August 2006 EIT from New Hampshire - Spring 2011 PE from Virginia - Spring 2013! Experience as CAD drafter --> Designer --> EIT - 2006-2013
  10. VA is up on NCEES I passed!
  11. Heard a rumour on the other thread that PR results have been released.
  12. This is test I took, and failed, only did strong in my discipline (electrical) so I'm going to give a go at the Electrical - power Exam in October rather than waiting a full year. I'm curious as to why there is an architectural engineering discipline. I know this is a college major, and it's a good idea as such because it provides a broad overview of construction engineering, and allows you to choose between structure, mechanical, electrical, civil, etc after graduation. But in practice, at least in my experience, people choose one of those specialities after graduation, so it seems strange that there is a PE exam that covers all of them at once. I work for a small engineering firm (owner, 2 PEs, me and another EIT, electrical designer, and 2 drafters) that does multi-discipline engineering projects. I just finished reviewing some work on an electrical job, and switched over to dealing with a mechanical project. I was doing structural design yesterday, and this afternoon I am laying out sprinkler heads. The AE PE actually fits perfectly into what I do on a daily basis, and I also appreciate the fact that it gives me credentials to stand on. In other words, if I took the structural exam or the mechanical exam, even if I was allowed by law to sign an electrical drawing in states that don't have discipline specific stamps, I might have to explain myself to a boss or a client as to why I was qualified to do so. The AE PE covers all of that. Likewise, having focused my school and my job experience on buildings alone, I would have to learn topics that I have never had before and will never practice just for the other PE exams. Interesting. That's the first I've heard of multi-discipline practice like that. Sounds like the right test for you then.
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