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  1. You should try looking in the Sacramento area. Water Resources in the Central Valley has proven to be a long-lasting career opportunity because of all of the flood control and water supply requirements in this part of the state. Land development is dead, so I would stay away from that. Good luck! Thanks for your valuble suggestions.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. Dear Board Members, I am a Civil PE, presently seeking a civil engineer position and willing to relocate to any place within United States I've been working progressively for over 6 years in the civil engineering feild, specializing in the disciplines of water resources engineering & management, drainage & storm water management, residential subdivision design, land and site development, commercial and public works projects. More specifically, my technical experience includes watershed modeling, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, design of storm water conveyance systems & flood control facilities. Thank you in advance for your valuable suggestions.
  4. Don't give up. Study hard and better luck next time
  5. Congratulations to all those who passed the test.
  6. I used a medium suitcase with wheels. But I carried my CERM book in hand because of the tabs.
  7. I got laid-off last friday. I am a civil engineer licensed in the state of new mexico. I am willing to relocate. any kindof help is appreciated
  8. Test masters environmental study material has lot of solved prolems on DO, DOmix, BOD, BODmix, BODU, CLARIFIERS, TRICKLING FILTERS, SRT, DT, NRCS EQUATION etc. The material also has some good lime soda problems and solutions. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU TO WORK ON THOSE PROBLEMS.
  9. 1. you may have to find the BODu at a temperature other than 20 degrees using the equation 28.29 from CERM. You can also use equation 28.31 to find BOD at a temp other than 20 degrees. 2. Use (1+r)Q/A when there is recirculation. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  10. Mtcaff & Eddy is really good for Water & Waste water. Das is good for geotech.
  11. Do not give up at any cost. If I can pass you can definettly pass. I passed the test 3rd time. It wasn't easy but nothing can beat hardwork. you still have 9 weeks to study for the test. Know your weaknesses and work on them first. practice as many problems as you can. This board is awesome. you can get lot of tips and advice from the members. Good luck and start working on problems from today. I am pretty sure you will pass the test this time. This test is not a rocket science. Just know the basics. Let me know if you need any help. My strengths are water resources and environmental.
  12. Shree


    Congratulations to all those who passed. Those who haven't this time, no problem, work hard next time and you will certainly make it next time.
  13. Hello there, EIT/FE and PE are different animals. I passed EIT in my first try but it took 3 straight attempts to pass my PE. Know your strengths and weaknesese first and work on as many problems as you can. The AM section is all about basics. Score as many as you can in the morning. The PM questions are little harder than the morning questions. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Thats the key to passing the test.
  14. Well done. I really appreciate your determination and patience.
  15. Shree


    I called the board yesterday. They said they haven't received the results from ELSES yet. They are not sure when they are going to receive them.
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