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  1. Yes....I'm in Sacramento (only had surveying to pass) and I second Kyokun, database has not been updated yet.
  2. I also got a passing letter, from what Ric Moore said in another thread the database will be updated tomorrow morning at the earliest.
  3. Just got my letter in the mail...I passed! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for the mail man!
  4. PE_Water...I do recall the 30th also. That is also the day the database updated approximately 650 new licensee. Anybody know if licensees who only needed to pass the 8 hour exam are issued their license first as the results where out a month ago?
  5. From another thread...someone mentioned they also called the board and was told none of the results have been mailed out yet (including both seismic and survey), but they will start mailing them out today.
  6. Thanks for the info...that is quite a few license since then. I wonder if they updated the database for those who only needed the 8 hour exam first as the results came out over a month ago.
  7. Any new name/license # in the data base yet?
  8. I have a Civil Engineering license in AZ, can I practice structural engineering with limitations such as CA. In CA licensed Civils are not allowed to work on hospitals, schools, and any building over 3 stories tall. Thanks,
  9. Not to burst anyone's bubble but this happened last administration also and the board did not upload any new license once it was back up. That said I hope this is different as I'm hoping to see if I passed the survey portion.
  10. Was it pass or fail for him? He failed the seismic and I failed the survey
  11. My buddy got his seismic results Saturday and no survey result as I got the opposite.
  12. That's what I figured as I was pretty confident I did well on the seismic. Best of luck to you too, getting different study material the PPI stuff for surveying was not representative of the actual exam.
  13. Just got my letter in the mail, I passed the national exam and the letter says I failed the survey portion and said nothing about the seismic so I'm guessing I passed seismic? Or does it come in a different letter? This letter also mentions nothing about the national exam.
  14. I passed the civil structural and I know I aced the CA seismic, I hope I pass the survey.....:/. Thanks for the info will call ncees Monday
  15. Yeah that's what I figured, I have 6+ years of structural experience so I'm guessing I'll be OK in that department.
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