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  1. TX-FL PE

    NCEES Practice Problems

    I would say 80-85 questions are the same. I would suggest you to buy the new one.
  2. TX-FL PE

    School of PE or EnvPETutors.com?

    I borrowed an old one from my friend and bought a new one from NCEES. They are essentially the same with only minor differences. Anyway, I took the practice exam twice. Even though, I did not study other materials, it doesn't mean i didn't use them at the exam. I was flipping through the Indexes of several books like a crazy person at the exam.
  3. TX-FL PE

    School of PE or EnvPETutors.com?

    I took the School of P.E online course and passed the April 2011 Exam. In the exam I used the school of P.E material for almost 80% of the questions. Very Good Course !!! The good thing is I didn't spend time studying any other materials. All I did was attend the online classes (sat and sun) for 5 weeks, took two NCEES practice exams, and spent a maximum of 50 hrs reviewing EERM.