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  1. In my opinion, what matters is , you should know your material thoroughly. If you used hiner notes last time and this time you want to got with EET, then, just concentrate on EET notes, make sure you know the material inside out. When you try to study from multiple references, confusion happens.
  2. PASSED, I am CA PE now !!!!!
  3. Post here if you passed

    Passed CA Water Resources
  4. California Results

    Passed CA Water Resources. So so relived!!!!
  5. I am going to take seismic exam at prometric center, i failed once, time management was my biggest issue. Reading the question, looking through the figures in booklet and then looking for right reference took lot of my time. I know it is same for everyone, but i am hopeing those who passed the exma can provide me with some guidance as to how to approach the exam.
  6. Word VBA

    I have a word template. I want to write a VBA in word 2007 that will select cell data from a particular excel spreadsheet and paste it in word doc at particular location. There is one parent excel sheet that has data and i need to make multiple reports in word that will use data from the parent excel sheet. Can anyone help?
  7. I am looking for a study group for PE exam in April 2013 with Structural Depth near Sacramento area.
  8. EET Structural Depth Review Course

    Has anyone taken irvine Institute of technology Structural Depth review course?
  9. EET Structural Depth Review Course

    I am unable to find Structural depth review course online or in class. Does anyone has any suggestions?
  10. EET Structural Depth Review Course

    Thanks for the comment. It seems like they are not getting enough students for Structural depth class. Hopefully enough people will enroll so that they can conduct the class.
  11. Hello, Has anyone taken EET structual Depth only review course at EET. I will appreciate it, if someone can provide feedback. I am looking for a review course for Structural depth.
  12. Civil/Structural References

    I would like to buy 11th edition companion.
  13. Oct 2012 PE Exam (How did you do?)

    With Seismic and Surveying exam being computerized, does it make wait time for Civil PE results Shorter for California?
  14. I am intrested and appearing for Oct. 2012 Seismic Exam in Califonia
  15. Here is a question? My wife don't want me to drink. Not that i am an alcoholic, or drink a beer a day. I drink maybe a beer once in six months , on some social event or something. She cares for my health, but i don't think this might be a health hazard. Any thoughts?