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  1. Hi All- Does a *non*-ABET accredited postgraduate M.S. degree in engineering (from a school in the U.S.) count at all towards the required 6 years of experience before you can sit the PE in California? I'm finding seemingly contradictory information on the CA PE board website and am hoping some of you may be able to help. My Bachelor's degree is from Europe so I don't think it will count at all but I do hold a non-ABET accredited M.S. engineering degree from a school in the U.S.; the CA PELS board website has a flowchart (( that makes it seem like this M.S. degree may count for two years of the required six, but I can't find any words to that effect in the official rules and regulations. I've sent an email to the BPELS Evaluator address on the CA PELS board website but haven't heard anything back. Thanks for any insight! Marco
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