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  1. I failed twice and passed the 3rd time. How? HOW HOWWWWWW? Well, I understand how you feel failing. This exam is broad and you just don't know what questions come up. Here is what you should do: 1. Take the NCEES reference manual and take all pages out. Scan the pages and using "Paint" program; copy and paste with answers right below the questions back to "Word". Adjust the clarity and only print 1 question with solution per 1 page (Read #3 WHY) 2. Separate by: (Control, Electrical-Circuits, Electronics, Digital, Antenna/Communication/EM/Signaling). Punch holes in the pages and add in a binder. Now you know where all your references are. 2. Add more examples, notes, comments, topics, references, etc. for every examples on each page. Don't add more than 5-6 examples. 3. When you finish your examples, go back and review one by one. Review as much as you can. The problem with this exam is that you forget where is what and you loose too much time looking for it; however by doing the above, you should find it quickly. The actual exam may repeat some of the "Reference Manual" questions in different ways and you want to make sure you have the question with solution upfront of you to solve the problem. The books (listed below) I brought for exam also helped me by using their indexes and finding the keyword. You can buy them cheap on amazon or download some on filecrop(dot)com or filecatch(dot)com. You can also find solutions manual for the books. Once you find the book with solutions, you should be able to get many examples and get yourself familliar with all types of circuits/problems/etc. I have Electronic books listed below with solution manual and if someone need copies, it will cost you because I invested too much time finding them... 1. Control -- Ogata "Modern Control..." 2. Communication - Frenzel "Communication System..." <---This book is awsome for the types of Communication questions being asked because it is so difficult finding solutions to some of the problems on the exam relating to COMM. 3. Electronics - Sedra, Smith "Semiconductor..." 4. Electrical Circuits - Sadiku "Circuit...." <---awsome book with many solutions. 5. Electromagnetic - the reference manual for PE by PPE (Camara) was very clear and understanding for this topic. I also used William Hayt for "Electromagnetics" only the transmission line examples. 6. Signaling - This topic is addressed in Communication System by Frenzel. Not many references out there. 7. Digital - Brown and Charles Roth books "Fundamental of Digital Logic" and "Fundamental of Digial logic with VHDL" I also have Kl Kaiser references - some part of it was useful. If you reveiw these books with exampls and copy/paste some examples on the sheets above, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO PASS. I can be reach at hafiz13(at)yahoo(dot)com Good luck. Please don't give up. If I did this, you can do it too!!!
  2. What materials are good to study for Electrical and Electronics? I heard of the following so far but want to make sure I purchase the right one. Chelapati PPI Kaplan Thanks.
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