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  1. I haven't taken the exam yet - this is my first try - but I'm taking the following books: -AISC Steel Manual & Seismic Manual -ASCE 7 -Masonry Spec -Main 3 wood books (lateral, NDS & supplement) -PCI Design Handbook -AISI Manual -ACI 318 -IBC -SERM -PPI's Solved Problems book -(4) of the CRSI Design Guides -Some hand sketched notes on steel and concrete. I've been doing structures almost exclusively for most of a decade and a half. Most of them have been wood (until the last two years, 95% wood), but I've done enough steel, concrete and masonry to know the codes. I can do this. And if I fail? I'll try again, though I'll be desperately disappointed on having failed an exam for the first time in my life.
  2. I think I'm actually ready. At this point I'm only panicking because I don't know what else to do.
  3. I'm considering wearing a shirt that says "ACI 318 Appendix D" on it. That should terrify anybody taking the SE...
  4. I have no tools and no time - and it was the second major repair of the month. It was time.
  5. My car died - fractured heater core. It's fixable, but the car was reaching the end of usable life anyway. It's looking like I am keeping the car as a "I can fix this and sell it", but not spending the money for a mechanic to do it. In the meantime, I've bought a new car - Kia Soul - that is as comfortable as the old car was.
  6. What do the parents' politics have to do with this situation? Teens have been assholes since time immemorial. I blame your lack of a sense of humor on Obama...Barack or Michelle...I don't care which. I have a sense of humor; that's how I knew it wasn't funny.
  7. What do the parents' politics have to do with this situation? Teens have been assholes since time immemorial.
  8. I hope "was" is the right tense, at least until they do any necessary repairs.
  9. I mostly listen to Pandora. Pretty wide musical tastes - rap and country are the only two major genres that are rare for me to enjoy, and even then there are some exceptions. I've digitized my CD collection and picked up some Amazon Prime music for when I don't have access to the internet, rotating what I have available pretty regularly; that includes (ie this is a partial list) some EDM (Lindsey Stirling), some musicals (Dr. Horrible, Rodgers & Hammerstien), some Southern Rock Gospel (Third Day), some Pop (Madonna), some Alternative (REM, Newsboys), some Punk (Billy Idol), some rock opera (TSO), some folksy pop (Jewel), some Southern Rock (Etheridge), some that's a hybrid of Jewel, Etheridge and Third Day (Jennifer Knapp), some Celtic (Marie Brennan), some "new age" (Enya), Christmas music... Even country-pop (Shania Twain's "Up") and rap (Macklemore) are featured in my collection. Of everything I listen to, I think I'm most embarrassed by liking Nickelback.
  10. I cut the cable a while back, and haven't really missed any shows I can't get elsewhere. I'll be buying most shows I watch on Google Play. As for what I'm watching right now? Voyager. I skipped most of it the first time around (even Jeri Ryan couldn't get me to care about the show) and now I've decided to watch all of it (and maybe Enterprise after).
  11. No, I'm not. I'm pointing out that throwing his family and friends into a gulag because they don't immediately believe the police might be overkill. But this was ok to say????? Uh, NOPE. Not in the least. (I had not read this article; I read a different one, which did not include that quote.) (Of course, the way the article paraphrases it is intended to make people mad. It's possible she said something closer to "I don't believe that this happened as described, because if it had he would've taken more with him." - similar concept, different sentiment.)
  12. No, I'm not. I'm pointing out that throwing his family and friends into a gulag because they don't immediately believe the police might be overkill.
  13. Does no work for you? We already have a police state. We should be working to eliminate that, not strengthening it to eliminate crime. @NJMike: It's likely to be partially about race for them. When cops are corrupt, they go after minorities because they're frequently too afraid to complain. Every visible minority has a (sometimes healthy) fear of the police, regardless of criminal status. That encourages some to turn to crime. /More of my friends have been harassed by cops than helped. //One was arrested on prostitution charges while chatting with a friend ///She's a lawyer, so the charges were only metaphorically accurate.
  14. Why would race even come into it? Is guilt by association a thing we do now? If not, what would be the (legal) justification for arresting the family?
  15. How very Stalinesque. Edit: Not to say that what happened should have happened. As for why the memorial - there are some areas of the country where the police are more corrupt, and the good cops are less trusted as a result. It's very possible that the neighborhood is convinced that the official story is a lie being told to cover up Campbell's murder (or the purging of an honest cop from a dishonest PD) I've heard that Campbell was shot and left bleeding on the ground for hours before medical aid was given. Could be vengeance, could be silencing a witness, could be securing a crime scene to make sure nobody would attack the next response group.
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