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  1. Minimal. Maybe 10 total minutes.
  2. Looks like they noticed it and closed it prior to full failure.
  3. It's an environmental feature. Can't drive if the roads are closed...
  4. The local environmentalist group sees the growing pile of litter and decides to sponsor it. There is now a penny, a Buddhist monk handing out "Samsara" Pamphlets, a group of environmentalists with trash bags and a reducing amount of crumpled paper.
  5. We saw it in the theaters at my daughter's request. We really liked it as well. We saw it opening weekend and enjoyed it. It's the final movie in the "Infinity" part of the MCU story arc, so it's not really a remake per se. It has huge spoilers if you haven't already seen Avengers:Endgame.
  6. It all happened in the last 30 minutes of the session. Just a series of unfortunate rolls and a couple bad decisions. We had been exploring an abandoned underground forge (very much like the Dwermer caves in Skyrim). While exploring the lowest level we came across a long circular corridor without any doors and one of the party detected large amounts of magic from behind the outer wall. We found a series of hidden levers that were all booby trapped (blades, poison gas, fireballs, magic disperse) and after at least a half dozen we were fairly battered (series of bad rolls leading to damage). Two of the members used Dimension Door to get through only to find an army waiting on the other side. One was killed by the army and the other escaped back to us. She decided to go back for him and was successful. After reviving him, he said he saw treasure chests and decided to cast Shatter against the wall to go get it (bad decision). The explosion killed 3 of us (another series of bad rolls), and the other two managed to get far enough away to survive only to be trapped on a failing metal stairway over an abyss that we had crossed the day prior (more bad rolls). One fell to her death and the other (a player who just joined us for this session) managed to transform into a lizard and scaled the wall over to the door where she was subsequently killed and eaten by the group's guard beast (a large Emu-like bird with teeth). The only part that I was bummed about was the fact that I really liked the character build I had going. I managed to come up with a new character with similar attributes that ties into the story really well. First character was a Half-elf rogue. I used Loki as the foundation. Basically a smooth-talking con-man with illusionary magic. New character is a younger woman, but also a half-elf rogue. She is an orphan and grew up on the streets as a pick-pocket until she tried to steal from my first character several years ago. He caught her and recognizing her talent he decided to teach her. When he went missing several weeks ago (by joining the campaign), she set off to go find him always being a couple days behind and just missing him. She has tracked him to the entrance of this forge when she hears a loud explosion...
  7. Had a TPK session last night. DM had much more plans for our campaign, but when the party leader casts Shatter in a confined space against a heavily booby-trapped and magically-reinforced wall combined with a series of critical hits/failures, there wasn't that much he could do to save us. It was also an absolute blast of a session. We had 2 party members "survive" simply because they weren't at the session last night and were hanging out back at camp. So, the campaign continues but we have to generate 5 new characters before next week's session. I really enjoyed the build I had going (half-elf, Rogue arcane trickster), so I may create similar one who was from the same underground Thieves Guild...
  8. I collect the stamped drawings and submit them to the city for approval. Their review finds that @ChebyshevII_PE's PE stamp does not cover the work shown on the drawings and launches an inquiry into his business practices. There is now a revenue generating tourist attraction and a State Board investigator in the pile.
  9. Saw online that the meat was exported to a handful of southeast Asian countries as a delicacy.
  10. Different type of possums introduced from Australia (specifically Tasmania). About the size of a large cat.
  11. Same for possums, weasels & ferrets here in New Zealand. All introduced species to the region and are responsible for the extinction for several native species. Possums were originally brought here to establish a fur trade but naturally they got loose and thrive in this environment.
  12. I recognize @ChebyshevII_PE so I leave my project drawings with him for a peer review. It takes him 3 weeks to review and stamp the drawings. There are now two pennies, a revenue generating tourist attraction, a stamped set of project drawings, and a caged @ChebyshevII_PE, and only 3 days of beef jerky left in the pile.
  13. Saw the highlights, not sure how that qualified as a PK. Sometimes it seems that these penalties are just as "soft" as the Roughing the Passer penalties against Tom Brady. "Oh no, a defender touched them, must be penalty."
  14. Only saw the reviews that said it was a trainwreck of a re-told story so we decided to wait until it was on Bluray/Netflix.
  15. Didn't help that @Road Guy deleted his account...
  16. The other thing you have to verify is that there isn't anything else bent/broken. A dented bumper does a great job of masking bigger underlying issues like damaged impact attenuators, sensors, mounting brackets/clips/pins, and even frame damage. When I replaced the front clip of my Camaro after a fender-bender, the only visible damage was a cracked license plate bracket and creased plastic bumper cover. It ended up being over $1500 damage once we got everything taken apart to see what was damaged.
  17. Serves as a warning that you don't care if you have to go through them...
  18. For some reason the county becomes frequently visited by a 1969 orange Dodge Charger with a Confederate flag on the roof who leads the local police on wild car chases with each visit. There is now a hip not-so-dry street with the a not-so-dry, anti-prohibition bar called the Portland Jesus, a stabilized real estate market, and an angry but smug religious mayor who now has to deal with an outrageous police budget in the pile.
  19. Kitty came home last night. She's still a bit lethargic, but definitely on the mend. She's on a half dozen different medications (antibiotics, thyroid, liver, & anti-nausea) that will each run their course over the next couple of weeks. After that she'll only have her thyroid meds. Vet did confirm she is FIV negative which is good news, just seems to be some sort of infected liver flare up. She doesn't seem to have any issues taking pills as long as they're balled up into some chicken. The whole experience has made her a bit more cuddly. Will jump up into our laps now. Glad to have her home again.
  20. The angry religious protestors rig the next mayoral election to get one of their own in office who has sworn to "strike down" the blasphemous Portland Jesus pub There is now a hip street with the Portland Jesus, a booming real estate market, and an angry religious mayor in the pile
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