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  1. Good youtube channel if you're looking for highlights.
  2. Florida suspect tries to swim away from police, subdued by algae
  3. The liberal posts a picture of the penny-covered sidewalk to Instagram and it goes viral. He takes credit for the work and he his made an internet star. There is now a "damn you, autocorrect" meme, a liberal, a TV, several crafty homeless people, and a mostly empty can of epoxy resin in the pile (in other words, nothing changed).
  4. Caught a few highlights so far. There are ads for it going all over the place here, kinda hard to miss it.
  5. The local homeless population protests the removal of the TV. There is now a “damn you autocorrect” meme and several protesting homeless people in the pile.
  6. The house from Nightmare On Elm Street...
  7. I take the remaining servings of prison-loaf & shake-weight and using the barter section of craigslist manage to trade my way up to enough money to eliminate the debt. There is now an “incarcerated” @ChebyshevII_PE and an infomercial-playing TV.
  8. Went in to the shop several years ago with Mrs Dex to have her Jeep serviced and a tech tried to do the same routine with her (not realizing I was also there). Guy went so far as to bring in a dirty filter to show us, except it wasn't even the right filter for our car (she had upgraded to a K&N cone filter). We countered by asking if he even changed the oil since he obviously didn't go under the hood...
  9. Seemed to work fine for Figaroa & Caputo... Correction, Caputo was known as Beer Can in high school, not Tuna can..
  10. butt-wiping robot. Something he picked up from Skymall while flying to...
  11. Spent the entirety of my 3-day weekend (Queen's Birthday) getting to 100% of everything possible with Arthur, then fired off the last 3 missions. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I still cried.
  12. As long as it gets the job done, amirite?
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