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  1. Dexman PE PMP

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    In before the lock.... oh wait.
  2. Why no CERM? That was my #1 source of info when I passed it...
  3. Dexman PE PMP


    Didn't matter. Heard it in the car with my wife on Saturday. She had it on an Xmas station and halfway through the song I asked her who sang the song currently playing. She said it was George Michael, to which I had to ask, "Before or After Wham! broke up?" I then had to explain the concept of Whamegeddon and why I had lost...
  4. Dexman PE PMP


    Can I listen to it on Youtube just so I know what to watch out for? I don't recognize it by name...
  5. Dexman PE PMP

    Colorado Results!!!

    Nice work everyone!!
  6. Dexman PE PMP

    Colorado Results!!!

    You can publicly search for active and lapsed licenses, but anything pending is behind your username and password.
  7. Dexman PE PMP

    Random Topics 3.1

    Got this CD a few years ago via a White Elephant gift exchange...
  8. Dexman PE PMP

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    I would play but apparently US banks don't like talking to banks in other countries (unless it's Swiss or Cayman)...
  9. Dexman PE PMP

    Flat Earthers

    The article I read was a shorter version of what you wrote, but did highlight the fact that the goal posts were constantly being moved and the flat earther is unlikely unwilling/unable to pay up because it would acknowledge his beliefs are wrong (heaven forbid).
  10. Dexman PE PMP

    Grading/Cut Score Theories - GO!

  11. Dexman PE PMP

    Oct. 2018 PE Exam Results will come out ------

    34,000 views in under a week. damn.
  12. Dexman PE PMP

    Flat Earthers

    Read a good article this morning about a Flat-Earth blogger who offered $100k to a pilot who could fly between 3 points using only 90 degree turns and end up in the same place they started from. He obviously had no idea that spherical triangles exist...
  13. Dexman PE PMP

    I Had No Idea......

    I've been a part of this for over a decade (passed June 2008), but the website pre-dates me by a couple more years. I still remember getting mad at the veterans when I was waiting for results...
  14. Dexman PE PMP


    Nah, it's more fun to troll the results threads