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  1. The Automotive Thread

    Funny enough, the Camaro barely fits in one side of my 2-car garage. Has about 6" to spare. It doesn't fit on the other side.
  2. The Automotive Thread

    Technically, the Chevy SS is a re-badged Commodore. And they are still very much in production... as long as you can drive a right-hand-drive car and are willing to import something from Australia... Mrs Dex won't let me buy one because they're $60k and gas hogs (roughly $6USD per gallon if I converted it correctly - $2.20NZD/liter). It's also why the Camaro sits in the garage for 6 days a week. Bastard costs me ~$15 a day to drive it to work between gas and parking.
  3. The Automotive Thread

    HSV Commodore. RWD, supercharded V8. Basically a 4-door Camaro on steroids.
  4. The Automotive Thread

    My two cars fall within #s 5 & 6 on the Most Dependable list.
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    Seeing as he wasn't hanging from a stripper pole in a garter belt, I don't think OSHA cares...
  6. Movie thread

    Overall, I don't tend to put too much value in reviews and ratings for the exact reason you state. If it looks like something I want to watch and I have the time to do it then I'll watch it. I really don't care what RT, Siskel & Ebert, the Oscars, critics, etc say. I usually get bored and/or hate the movies that the critics love, and RT is all over the boards as to if a movie is "good", so that site isn't reliable at all.
  7. Winter Olympics 2018

    Well, shit. Who knew NZ was sending athletes to the Winter Olympics, because I didn't. lol
  8. Damn united airlines at it again!

    What happened to just leaving the pet home? Why does it even need to leave the house while you go shopping?
  9. Game of Thrones ! (HBO Mini Series) Spoilers......

    I need to rewatch it. Don't really remember specifically what happened in which season...
  10. Movie thread

    But the Jumanji movie was good.
  11. Random Topics 3.1

    I think they make Otterbox's out of old Nokia phones...
  12. Damn united airlines at it again!

    At the basic level, yes you're still walking down a dirt trail surrounded by trees. But having done some of the hikes here in NZ, I can say the experience is different. Really neat seeing the differences though. I'd recommend doing at least one, but I'd also be more likely to be hanging out at the pool/beach.
  13. Damn united airlines at it again!

    Yeah, and you can stay in a hotel and sit by a pool in Colorado too...
  14. funny pic thread

    ^^^ Or the fact that it's another lazy person writing purposefully misleading and possibly ambiguous math problems to show how "smart" they are in comparison to their internet friends.
  15. Damn united airlines at it again!

    KF, then you're also at the mercy of your device's storage capacity. Not everyone carries a 1TB external harddrive in their back pocket.