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  1. Dexman PE PMP

    Pot meet Kettle

    Physical attraction or desire is not a requisite for sexual harassment.
  2. Dexman PE PMP

    Random Topics 3.1

  3. Dexman PE PMP

    Movie thread

    Started watching Battleship last night. Made it about 20 minutes before I just shut it off. It was just bad.
  4. Dexman PE PMP

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Not quite sure how Season 7 is supposed to progress but I can see how we're definitely close to the end...
  5. Dexman PE PMP

    The Automotive Thread

    Manual transmissions have been fading dramatically for the last 20 years. Several contributors to the decline: driver convenience being the biggest reason simply because most drivers hate riding the clutch in rush hour traffic and prefer to keep their hands free so they can use their phone. The tech for auto transmissions is also significantly better than it used to be. So much so that most weekend racers prefer autos because they shift faster. Even Indy/F1 cars use paddle shifters now. The market for manual transmissions is horribly small. Dealerships can't sell them and they sit on the lots for months. Younger drivers don't know how to use them and older drivers prefer the convenience of an auto. Only people who want a manual are typically nostalgic gearheads. Ironically enough, Chevy had to modify the V8 engines in the automatic Camaros because they couldn't meet the same (read: better) fuel mileage of the manuals. If you want a real LS3 engine, you needed the manual trans because the autos got a L99 that would shut off 4 cylinders under light loads to improve mileage.
  6. Dexman PE PMP

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  7. Dexman PE PMP

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Let's just say she manages to get more time... Also, Season 5 covers a grand total of about 2 weeks (if even that long).
  8. Dexman PE PMP

    Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Working through Orange is the New Black. We re-started with Season 3 and am almost done with season 6. Based on what I've seen online, Season 7 may be the last if/when it's released.
  9. Dexman PE PMP

    The Pet Thread

    Only issue with the toilet option is that it is not a self-refilling option. Our dogs actually drank the main bathroom dry when we went on a longer vacation.
  10. Dexman PE PMP

    Movie thread

    Antman also gives a good idea on other possibilities as well.
  11. Dexman PE PMP

    Movie thread

    Most don't realize he was also the voice of Ultron in the Avengers movie too.
  12. Dexman PE PMP

    Count to 100,000 using only pics

  13. Dexman PE PMP

    Count to 100,000 using only pics