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  1. Today is also my Friday. Don't go back to work until next Friday. Might take that day off as well. Good Friday (tomorrow) and Easter Monday are national holidays, and then it's followed by ANZAC day on Thursday (essentially NZ's version of Memorial day). Two days of vacation time to get 6 days off, or 3 vacation days to get 10 straight off.
  2. Neither do I. Luckily NZ has a Netflix-style service that streams all the good shows & movies. Can watch via my Playstation.
  3. Thought it was a good episode in the sense that it was a refresher of where everyone is and showed some decent reunions. Curious to see how each of the storylines play out from here.
  4. I do remember the PE being the most mentally draining day of my life. Mrs Dex took me out to dinner after she picked me up and I was absolutely numb for the rest of the weekend. The beer I had with dinner that night was the best tasting drink I can remember despite being a Coors Light...
  5. My one and only addition to the thread...
  6. Before forcing yourself in the the house purchase rat race, you have to take a serious look at the math to see if it's worth it. Between closing costs, agent fees, moving costs, etc against the gain in equity and rise in house values, Mrs Dex and I found that we would have to own it for at least 10 years just to break even (at least when we lived in Denver). If we planned on moving any more frequently than that, it was actually better to rent and put the balance into some type of retirement savings plan. Additionally, and you're going to laugh at this, we spend less money on "stuff" because we rent. We know we're going to move fairly regularly (every few years), so we don't buy something unless we're comfortable having to move it later.
  7. $1500? That's good enough for 2 weeks of rent here...
  8. Absolutely loved skiing at Steamboat. It was our Xmas go-to before we had kids.
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