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  1. Forget mainstream music, post your favorite songs

    ^^^ I've got the Magic Sword song too. First heard it in the Thor Ragnarok movie trailer. There are a few really bad remixes of it, the original is the best. Mrs Dex loves that Portugal song. We have an EDM radio station here and they play it quite a bit. I like that Delta Lady song. I'll add that to my playlist. Listened to a few of the Marshmello songs last weekend. Not bad stuff, just not quite what I'm in to. All great songs!
  2. Fav Movie Scenes

    My roommate in college got a new stereo system hooked up to the TV and ^^^ was the first thing he played. Awesome.
  3. Home Improvement/Repair Questions

    Getting to the depth of 2-10 is just to the top of the pipe. You'll still need to dig around the sides to the invert level (another 4") and a couple more inches down so you can re-establish the proper grade of the pipe bedding (typically pea gravel). Assuming a 3' deep by 3' wide trench, that's quickly approaching 10 tons of dirt (about a dump-truck load). You'd need a mini-excavator if you cherish your lower back and want to get it done quickly. Well worth that $180/day for the excavator. The excavator can get you to the top of the pipe, you'll still need to hand-dig along the sides unless you want to make the trench wider. As dleg said, it's not difficult. Just labor intensive. I wouldn't do it by myself, even with a mini excavator. If you have 2-3 friends willing to help, then you can make a long weekend out of it. The only issue with the flexible connectors is that it makes the pipe more prone to settlement. If the base isn't compacted properly, the PVC will settle and cause that flexible joint to become a trap of sorts and lead to pipe clogs. With rigid connections, the pipe can help hold itself up and reduce the effects of the sagging/settlement.
  4. At least 20 people killed in shooting at Texas church

    It also uses "statistics" and "facts". Everyone knows the only numbers worth learning are bible verses.
  5. The Automotive Thread

    Nah, just put them on top of the seats and put new seat covers over the top.
  6. SOUND Advice

    Towers are typically placed on either side of the TV.
  7. SOUND Advice

    You shouldn't expect a ton of bass from bookshelf speakers. Those would work really well as a starting point for a full system and would work really well for the vast majority of "daily" usage (TV, music). Next would be to add the component speakers (center & rear), then add a powered subwoofer to complete the set so you can get into the full surround sound setup for movies.
  8. I heard the cut score is 61?

    Check your units. Are you using imperial or metric?
  9. I heard the cut score is 61?

    Did that take into consideration that the Earth is actually flat? With that correction to your calculations, you'll get the same cut score as the rest of us. 61
  10. At least 20 people killed in shooting at Texas church

    @leggo PE, this is the one that struck a chord with me (yes, I know it's Huffington Post): Another Mass Shooting and More Prayers. America has officially given up.
  11. I heard the cut score is 61?

    I saw it in the tea leaves this morning and can confirm, it is 61
  12. Telephone

    Donald Trump I'm getting grubs in the bush