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  1. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    If it's good whiskey, you wouldn't drink it all in one day. The good stuff should be enjoyed, not for getting drunk with. If you want to get drunk, just buy some Jack.
  2. It's Friday!!!!

    Yep, my Friday too. Taking tomorrow off to have our Thanksgiving and Skype with family back home.
  3. Random Topics 3.1

    I got in one little fight and @Audi driver, P.E. got scared,
  4. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    Amending the recipe would not be difficult...
  5. Random Topics 3.1

    Chillin' all max and relaxin' all cool
  6. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    It's actually really good. A really tangy cherry jello instead of the "cranberry sauce" most people eat.
  7. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/cherry-coke-salad-176902 My mom puts walnuts on top, but otherwise the recipe is the same.
  8. Last thing watched on netflix..................

    Stopped watching Stranger Things. Got a couple episodes into season 2 and just haven't continued on. Mrs Dex and I haven't even mentioned continuing it, just realized today that we haven't finished it.
  9. Random Topics 3.1

    <guitar solo>
  10. SOUND Advice

    Spotify on my phone I had a ton of CD's back in the US but I ended up ripping them all to mp3. Now I just do the youtube to mp3 thing. Camaro has a USB drive connected to the stereo, so I have a thumb drive with 4gb of music that I rotate through. Good for about 14hrs of music. If I take the time to sort the music into folders, the car can treat those folders like playlists or just load everything. Car also has an Aux jack so I can run spotify on my phone through the car too.
  11. The Fat Season has arrived!!!!!

    Typical Thanksgiving: Bacon-wrapped Turkey Mashed sweet potatoes Green Bean Casserole Cherry Coke salad Rolls Cheeseball & crackers Peel & eat shrimp w/ cocktail sauce This year: Prime rib, Green Bean Casserole, Cheeseball, pumpkin pie. Not much else because it's only 4 of us.
  12. Random Topics 3.1

    Need to reapply the vibrations to somewhere that relieves stress...
  13. NFL 2017

    Firing McCoy was simply done to appease fans crying for them to "do something". The real issue is that Elway thinks Johnson is a good head coach and that the QB's they have are good enough. O-line needs an overhaul. QB's suck. Headcoach is just an Elway yes-man. The defense is still really good, they just can't be on the field for the whole game and expect to hold.
  14. Movie thread

    My daughter loves Pitch Perfect. She added the soundtracks for both to Mrs Dex's spotify account.
  15. Waterpik