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  1. I'd go with PPI. they at least give you a trial period to see if you like it. I contacted SoPE for the SE and they seriously REFUSE to give me their syllabus. All i wanted to find out is what crossover there is between their lateral and vertical courses. They refused to answer that question too. If it is so hard to simply give me basic info when they're trying to sell me their product, how shitty will their service be once they do have my money?
  2. i'm so mad i didn't push through for the SE like 6 years ago. I literally gave up when i found out how much the expenses would be ($1000 in exams and another $1500 in code books). Now i have to start all over again. My 5th edition AASHTO is completely worthless now, along with the few other old codes i did previously collect.
  3. highly dependent on your position. Meaning if you work for a large company. I worked for utilities and there is virtually no engineering background needed. Just report writing and following report procedures (that made the work 5-10x more time consuming). My supervisor even told me my master's was meaningless. (he was much less educated than I was and the little math work I did, he didn't understand) The need for engineering was so minor that the older "engineers" did not have a degree in it. The PE exams are so broad in material that roughly 90% of what you study you'll never use
  4. are the courses only good for the AM portion? I notice that the syllabus for the review courses mostly have SE topics but then only a class or two on Lateral/Vertical topics. (The ASCE course has one class on each)
  5. you seem to have a difficult time comprehending statements. I was clearly judging the binder and made it clear that I was. seeing how I passed without an EE background, it's safe to say i'm the best person to ask for tips mainly because, again, I PASSED WITHOUT AN EE BACKGROUND
  6. its the same NEC for the PE exam as the contractor exam. as my first post said, lack of the NEC knowledge would have been the reason I failed the PE exam in October. guessed on most of the questions and there were a lot
  7. amazon has a different package for the SE exam
  8. anyone willing to sell their EET course binder?
  9. no, electrical contractor exam for Florida need good understanding of the NEC
  10. not evident by your response to a comment of mine I haven't seen any practice test that covers sections that are on the actual test. I mentioned that I'm using 2011 for a contractor exam and you replied to it referencing practice for "the actual test"
  11. these were good reads. I had the ebook, so I didn't bring these to the test
  12. I gave Tom Henry book away. Mostly because it was 2014 and I don't think they would have allowed it at the testing center.
  13. To which Florida electrical contractor practice tests are you referring?
  14. yeah, still waiting on these for my 2011 copy (that code year is used for the Florida contractor exam) I guess I did feel way more lost than practicing 2011 since I didn't have the tabs on this one. I guess it's a matter of simply doing problems over and over.
  15. I don't get why NCEES doesn't release more practice exams. Or better yet, a year long review course. They would make so much money
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